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With three games remaining, the playoffs’ run is open in all the AFC Division

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With three ou four games remaining for most of the franchises on NFL regular season, the playoffs’ runs start to be tight for them.

None of the four divisions of the AFC look like to have a favorite team, which can clinch a spot on the next few matches.

That’s why we can say the four divisions are still open, with two or more teams running for it, probably until the last two challenges from the regular season. Take a look at a resume below from the situation of each Division on AFC:


New England Patriots are first, with eight wins and four losses, followed by Buffalo Bills, with seven victories and the same number of defeats. Buffalo has one less game than the rival, and if they win it, they will have the same punctuation.

The Pats come from six straight wins and have the best offense from the Division, with 336 points, and the Bills have the best defense from all the league (182 points against). Miami Dolphins (6 – 7) and New York Jets (3 – 9) are out of this run. According to Bovada, Bills are the favorite to win the challenge against the Patriots, in a levelheaded game, by three points or more, with -120 odds.


In the same situation ahead, two franchises run for the Division title. Baltimore Ravens (8 – 4) and Cincinnati Bengals (7 – 5). They are followed by Cleveland Browns (6 – 6) and Pittsburgh Steelers (6 – 5). Despite this, if they win the two matches have fewer than the rival, they can be in a better situation.


With eight victories and four losses, Tennessee Titans are in first place and have one win of advantage from the rival, Indianapolis Colts (7 – 6). Despite leading the Division, Tennessee comes from two straight losses, and like the rival, both are making an irregular season. That’s why the run for the first position is still open. Houston Texans and Jacksonville have the same retrospect, with only two wins and ten losses, and can already think about the following season.


Tight Division of all the NHL, the four franchises are almost tied and have the same chances to clinch a spot on the playoffs. But it will probably happen only in January. Kansas City Chiefs have eight victories and four defeats and have only one more win than the mais rival. Los Angeles Chargers have seven wins and five defeats, and Denver Broncos, and Las Vegas Raiders have six victories and six losses.

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