With six streak wins, Arizona Cardinals are the main favorite for next game

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Arizona Cardinals (2)
Arizona Cardinals (2)

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Another week is gone, and the question is: who can defeat Arizona Cardinals? After six weeks, the team is the only unbeaten in the NFL, with six wins, leading the NFC West.

It was already noticed that would be a levelheaded game against the Brows last Sunday, 17, in Cleveland, but the home team was lightly favorite. Even so, Cardinals traveled to Ohio and defeated the rival by 37 – 14, keeping the second-best defense from the NFC, behind New Orleans Saints, who played only five times.

In the other levelheaded challenge, between Minnesota Vikings and Carolina Panthers, better for the Vikings, as we said, that won by 34 – 28.

Talking about the last week’s main favorites, Indianapolis Colts and Kansas City Chiefs won their games with zero difficulties, by more than eight points, as we said. While the Colts defeated Houston Texans, at home, by 31 – 3, Kansas faced Washington Football Team and had a 31 – 13 win.

Notable favorites, Buffalo Bills and Tampa had different situations.

Tampa Bay and Buffalo Bills are also notable favorites for winning. While the Buccs have -105 odds to win Philadelphia Eagles by more than seven points, and Buffalo has -105 odds to defeat Tennessee Titans by seven points or more.

If some teams can have an easier game, another must have a most level-headed. Minnesota is lightly favorite to defeat the Carolina Panthers. The Buccs defeated Philadelphia Eagles by 28 – 22, but Buffalo missed the last try to score the touchdown, instead of kicking the field, take the game to overtime.

Seventh week

This week, Buffalo Bills, Dallas Cowboys, Jacksonville Jaguars, Los Angeles Chargers, Minnesota Vikings, and Pittsburgh Steelers are on bye.

According to Bovada, for this time, Arizona Cardinals and Los Angeles Rams are huge favorites. Cardinals have -110 odds to defeat Houston Texans at home on Sunday, by 18 points or even more. Rams have -110 odds to beat Detroit Lions, the worst preseason team, at least by 16 points.

Buccaneers have good chances to win the game against the Bears at home by more than 13 points, with -115 odds and the Packers have -105 odds to defeat Washington by 11 points or more.

Besides many favorites for this week, Falcons and Dolphins will probably make a levelheaded match, where Atlanta is lightly favorite to win, with -135. In the same situation, the Raiders have -160 odds to defeat the Eagles.

Take a look in the games from the below:

Thursday 21

  • (3-3) Broncos @ Browns (3-3)

Sunday 24

  • (3-3) Panthers @ Giants (1-5)
  • (1-4) Jets @ Patriots (2-4)
  • (3-3) Chiefs @ Titans (4-2)
  • (2-4) Washington @ Packers (5-1)
  • (2-3) Falcons @ Dolphins (1-5)
  • (4-2) Bengals @ Ravens (5-1)
  • (0-6) Lions @ Rams (5-1)
  • (2-4) Eagles @ Raiders (4-2)
  • (1-5) Texans @ Cardinals (6-0)
  • (3-3) Bears @ Buccaneers (5-1)
  • (2-4) Colts @ 49ers (2-3)

Monday 25

  • (3-2) Saints @ Seahawks (2-4)

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