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Betarena created this document to inform the user about how his personal information is collected, used, disclosed and protected in the site By using the site or the services associated with it, the user agrees with all the practices described herein.

Betarena reserves the right to change this document and the practices described at any moment. If any significant change occurs, we will try to inform the user about it through electronic mail. However, Betarena strongly recommends that the user periodically visits this page in order to check if any changes have been made.


Is information that identifies the individual, such as his name, surname, address, phone number, mobile number, e-mail address, sex, age, professional activity, photos, among other data.


Is information that Betarena may collect about a group or service category and about its users. In other words, aggregated information is information about how the user makes use of the Betarena services. This information may be collected and combined with other information and helps Betarena to understand the tendencies and necessities of the users, in order to improve the site with new functionalities or to adapt the existing functionalities. This policy does not restrict or limits our collection of data or the use of the aggregated information. We may share aggregated information about our users with third parties for various purposes, namely to help us improve our services and for marketing and advertisement purposes.


Betarena collects information about the user during the registration process and during the general use of the site. Betarena collects information such as, but not limited to, the user name, the e-mail address, and the date of birth or the country of residence. The user also has to provide to Betarena a password that is used to access the site. Some personal information may be collected by Betarena if the user uses some the features of the site such as, but not limited to, the internal messaging system. Note that the provision of much of this information is optional and the user normally has the possibility to edit and remove this information at any given moment.


Sometimes, Betarena may publish surveys, contests or sweepstakes on the site that may request personal information of the users. The participation and the provision of information in these cases are completely voluntary and the user will always have the option to participate or not. Betarena may also collect personal information that is provided by electronic mail or by other interactive services of the site. The user should not provide to Betarena or to other users any information that should be kept private. Moreover, Betarena may also collect and retain information that personally identifies the user whenever he sends comments, questions or suggestions.


Betarena automatically collects and receives certain kind of information whenever the user interacts with the site. For instance, when the user visits and uses the site, Betarena may automatically collect the IP address, the type of operating system, the selected language, the browser used, the user’s location, as well as other information regarding the device used and provided by it. Betarena may also collect information concerning the activities performed by the user such as, but not limited to, information about the pages that were visited, like the time and date of access. All this information is analyzed and used by Betarena to assist in managing and improving the effectiveness of the site or to generate statistics about its use. Betarena may also relate the information automatically collected with some personal information to better tailor the site to the necessities of the users.


Betarena may use the browser cookie technology to store some information of the user. The use of cookies mainly allows to improve the user’s experience on the site through persistence, on his device, of a small set of data, such as some preferences and the session identifier that allows him to visit the site several times and only need to enter once the access data. The majority of the browsers accept cookies by default. If the user so desires, he may configure the browser to reject cookies or to warn him before accepting them. Nevertheless, if the user’s browser is set to not accept cookies or if the user rejects a cookie, some parts of the site and some of the services provided by it may not work correctly.


In general, Betarena uses the user’s personal information internally to process his requests, to provide him information or the requested services, to inform him about events, promotions, products or services that may be of his interest, to facilitate the use of the site and to properly manage its operations. All this in order to better serve the users and allow them to get the most out of the service. The personal information may be used, but not limited, to:
(i) Request feedback and assist in the development, adaptation and improvement of the site and the products and services associated with it.
(ii) Carry out marketing analysis and send surveys and newsletters.
(iii) Contact the user to inform him about services, products, activities, special events or offers of the Betarena or of third parties.
(iv) Send email messages and to contact the user about the use of the site.
(v) Respond to messages, comments, requests or complaints of the user.
(vi) Anticipate and resolve problems with our service.
(vii) Respond to requests for customer support.
(viii) Assist and improve the process of development of the site and new products and associated services.
(ix) Inform the user about new features of the Betarena network or about products and associated services.


Betarena will not sell, rent or disclose personal information about the user to other persons or non-affiliated companies to Betarena, except:
(i) To third parties who are service providers and who necessarily need access to information in order to perform their work to Betarena. Betarena is committed, however, to only provide the information strictly necessary for these third parties exercise their function. Betarena may also share personal information with service providers that have been performing an internal analysis of the site on behalf of Betarena, for instance, to estimate the audience’s size, the patterns of the aggregated measure of traffic, as well as to understand the demographic interest of the user and other tendencies. All the information provided by Betarena to third parties cannot be disclosed by them.
(ii) When there is a transfer of companies, the information about our users and services are one of our most important assets in terms of business and, therefore, this information, including personal information, may be disclosed or transferred as part of any merger or acquisition, as well as in a case of a seizure of assets of the company or in a situation of insolvency, bankruptcy or receivership in which personal information may be transferred as one of the business assets of the company.
(iii) When required by law to comply with a legal process.
(iv) To enforce or apply the Privacy Policies and Terms and Conditions of Use of the site.
(v) To protect the rights, property or security of Betarena, of its employees or of its partners.


Betarena may provide links to third party sites but cannot, however, be liable for the content or for the practices of information collection of such sites. The user must be aware that the privacy policies of these sites may, and normally are, be different from the policies applied by Betarena. Thus, Betarena strongly recommends reading and understanding the privacy policies of these sites before providing them with any information.


Reasonable efforts are performed to prevent any non-authorized disclosure of information, as well as to prevent the corruption or loss of personal data of the user. All personal information provided by the user is stored and maintained in databases and in the servers of Betarena or of third parties that provide hosting services to Betarena. Betarena automatically generates regular and automatic backups of all the data to minimize the possibility of data loss in case of a failure in the servers. There is always the possibility, albeit remote, of a severe failure in the servers and in the databases of Betarena and, therefore, it is not possible to ensure that the personal data of the users won’t be corrupted or destroyed.


All the data is stored on systems that can only be accessed by authorized employees by Betarena, by the third party service providers and by partners of Betarena. Any sensitive data, such as the user’s password, is stored with the help of advanced encryption technologies and obeys to strong security rules. Despite all the security efforts that Betarena does in order to protect the personal information of the user, it isn’t possible to ensure that these won’t be disclosed or accessed by non-authorized persons, due to accidental circumstances or illegal activities. The access to the user’s account can be done by using a combination of e-mail address and password. To protect the confidentiality of personal information, the user must at all times maintain his password secret and mustn’t, under any circumstances, disclose it to another person. The user is solely responsible for all and any use of the site carried out using his access credentials. If the user suspects of usurpation of his access credentials, he must immediately inform Betarena. If Betarena identifies any violation of the security systems, will attempt to notify the user through e-mail, so that he can take proper and necessary protection measures, for instance, changing his password. Betarena may also place a warning on the site.


It is recommended that users use the latest versions of software for Internet navigation, since these incorporate greater security measures. It is also recommended that users use the security mechanisms at their disposal (safe web servers, cryptography, digital signature, firewall, etc.) to protect the confidentiality and integrity of their data, as needed, given the risks of personality usurpation or violation of communication. The users must remember that the Internet is not safe. However, different means exist and are developed that enables the users to improve the protection of their data. Thus, use any mean at your disposal to protect your personal data and your communications, such as legally available encryption for the electronic mail and the access codes to your own PC. Users are hereby notified that, whenever they provide personal information through the Internet by electronic mail, newsgroups, discussion forums, etc., they must remember that such information can be obtained from the users for unwanted purposes, so it is recommended that the users seek full information about the confidentiality and privacy policies of the websites they visit. Users are hereby also noticed that they must be aware that, unless they use encryption mechanisms, the electronic mail on the Internet is not safe. Mail messages and discussion forums may be subject to forgery and personality theft, a situation to be taken into account whenever they are used. If the user wants to publish his electronic mail address, he must configure his web browser to not leave it in the web servers that he accesses.


The user of the site and of the services of Betarena has the right and can view, correct and delete his personal information. To completely remove his profile and all its data of the site, the user must contact Betarena:
The user should be careful when exposing any personal information, because such information may be accessed and viewed by other users of the site, including those that are not registered in it.


By using the Betarena site and by providing data to Betarena, the user acknowledges and agrees that, due to the international dimension of Betarena, his data may be collected to the purposes identified in this Privacy Policy or to other communications, including the transmission of information outside of the jurisdiction of his residence. The user should be aware that his personal information is stored and processed on the Betarena servers. The laws of personal data retention on the countries previously stated may be less strict than the laws of the country in which the user resides. If the user is opposed to the transfer or use of his personal information as described in this document, he should not register on Betarena.