Vitória de Guimarães vs Jeunesse Esch Betting Tip and Prediction

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Pronóstico Famalicão vs Vitória SC
Pronóstico Famalicão vs Vitória SC

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Vitória de Guimarães vs Jeunesse Esch for the Europa League Qualification match on Tuesday at D. Afonso Henriques Stadium.

In one of the many matches on Thursday for the UEFA Europa League group stage round of 16, second leg matches, the Vitória de Guimarães team and the Jeunesse Esch team will face each other in the city of Guimarães, to be played at D. Afonso Henriques Stadium. In the first leg of the round, Vitória de Guimarães won in Luxembourg 1-0, thus having the advantage in the opening for this match.


The Vitória de Guimarães team comes to this match with a significant advantage and could prove to be fundamental in the fight for qualification, having won 1-0 in their opponent’s field, in a game where the team could have achieved much more than 1 goal given clear dominance over the hosts in that meeting.

Jeunesse Esch

Jeunesse Esch has a new and final opportunity here to reverse the unfortunate result in the 1st leg match, since the team almost did not attack, having only done 3 shots that were not even very dangerous, having just tried to withstand the offensive stream of Guimarães, but eventually suffering defeat in the final minutes.


Considering what was last week’s match played at the Luxembourg team’s ground, it was clear, in my view, the differences in quality and even experience between the home team and the Lusitanian team, in this 2nd leg match, in which Ivo Vieira’s team will play before their fans we should see a new clear dominance, which leads me to predict a game with a possible victory of the Vimaranenses, in a meeting with some goals, unlike the first leg, given the more defensive way of playing for Jeunesse Esch but the most offensive initiative that Victoria will surely have.

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