Vila Nova vs Vitoria Betting Tip and Prediction

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Vila Nova vs Vitoria Betting Tip and Prediction
Vila Nova vs Vitoria Betting Tip and Prediction

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Vila Nova vs Vitoria for the Brazilian Serie B championship match on Tuesday at Serra Dourada Stadium.

In the second round of the Brazilian Serie B championship, we present the prediction of Vila Nova vs Vitória. The game takes place this Tuesday at Vila Nova’s ground.

The two teams face each other in the fight against relegation, interesting that both now total 21 points, which means we will have a balanced game.

Vila Nova

Vila nova is currently in the relegation zone. However, the team does not show a football capable of reversing this situation.

The team’s attack power has severe limitations. After all, they have scored just 4 goals in the last 5 games.

The team comes from a difficult match against Paraná away from home. Still in the first half got the draw by 1 × 1.

In fact, the team managed to perform better than in previous matches. Still, the team has scored just 13 goals in 20 league games.


Vitoria is a few positions above the relegation zone, this is a difficult situation for this traditional Brazilian football team.

Not only does the team come from 4 draws in a row, but they have also only scored 1 goal in those games.

In their last confrontation, despite a lousy performance, the team got a goalless draw against Botafogo-SP.

If we take a look at Vitoria’s history in the championship, we can see that the team faces a drop in performance with each round.


We cannot expect a good match between the two teams, but a poor technical game.

That means we will probably have a game with few goals. So we can think of a riskier bet in the market below 1.5 goals with better odds.

Neither team has favouritism for the match, so we do not recommend a bet on winning either of them.

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