Venezuela vs Argentina Betting Tip and Prediction

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Venezuela vs Argentina Betting Tip and Prediction
Venezuela vs Argentina Betting Tip and Prediction

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Venezuela vs Argentina, Friday’s match for the quarter-finals of the Copa América at the Maracanã, in Rio de Janeiro.

In one of several games of this Thursday, which refers to the quarter-final round of the Copa América 2019, play the national teams of Venezuela and Argentina.


The national team of Venezuela enters this new meeting in this edition of Copa América after finishing the group stage in the 2nd position of their group A, with 5 points added in 3 matches played, with the team not to add a single defeat until moment.

In addition to presenting themselves quite well in defensive terms, especially against Brazil, who managed to completely cancel. The team advances in this way for the quarter-finals, looking to at least match the record of 2016, where they stayed for the quarter-finals.


As for Argentina, they reach the quarter-finals of the Copa América 2019 after qualifying in the 2nd place in the league table of their group B, with only 4 points added, being saved only by a Paraguay that still managed to be worse than the Albiceleste team.

Which has probably been the great disappointment of this edition of the competition, failing to boost the quality of its players in favor of the collective and making games of very poor quality.


Taking into account what has been the course both on the part of the selection of Venezuela and on the part of the selection of Argentina so far in the Copa América 2019, in which both teams, nevertheless, have primacy by a relatively rigid defensive consistency, especially the Venezuelans (who only conceded 1 goal in about 300 minutes of play).

While at the same time they have not been teams with great capacity in offensive terms, not always being able to even elaborate the attacks, I can only see here a meeting with few goals and very tactical from side to side.

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