Vasco vs Fluminense Betting Tip and Prediction

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Vasco vs Fluminense Betting Tip and Prediction
Vasco vs Fluminense Betting Tip and Prediction

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Vasco vs Fluminense for the Brazilian Serie A championship match on Saturday at São Januário Stadium.


Vasco managed to escape from the Z4 with two wins in a row before the Brazilian Serie A Championship intermission for the Copa America match. They beat International, both in São Januário.

However, in the reopening of the tournament, they were defeated by Grêmio, 2 to 1, in Porto Alegre, in a clash that had a goal cancelled with the use of the video referee in a questionable way. The attempt would put the Vascaínos in a 2 to 0 advantage, and its annulment ended up making life easier for the gaucho tricolour.

Staying in the nine points, Vasco finished tenth league day in the sixteenth position, at the edge of the relegation zone. The score was the same as Cruzeiro, seventeenth in the Brazilian standings table, which offers the relegation. It lags behind because of the disadvantage of the tiebreaker criteria.

The fact that they can play in São Januário gives fans more enthusiasm, who have already acquired more than 14 thousand tickets for the classic. As host, Vasco is ranked thirteenth best in Serie A of the Brazilian Championship. Of the 15 points that disputed in the condition of column one, it gained eight. They even sold that much int the game against Corinthians, which was held at the Arena of the Amazon.


It was up to Fluminense to finish the schedule of the tenth round of the Brazilian Serie A Championship. After more than a month without playing, the tricolour showed more of the same. They dominated the game against Ceará, created chances to score, but they took only one of them.

Their defence, when tested, failed. Thus, in Maracanã, didn’t make more than a draw, by 1 to 1, with Vozão on Monday, July 15, extending its sequence without successes by seven clashes.

To make matters worse, they lost their best player in the match for the classic. Midfielder Paulo Henrique Ganso received the third yellow card and will have to comply with suspension. That may open space for the debut of the newly hired half Nene.

The veteran athlete, who was in São Paulo, was presented shortly before the match against Ceará and had his name published in the Daily Bulletin of the Brazilian Football Confederation. It offers, in this way, legal conditions to play. However, there are doubts about his physical health, since he hadn’t been used in the São Paulo tricolour.

The decision will be up to coach Fernando Diniz, who lived similar situation before the game against Ceará when it came to choosing the goalkeeper. Muriel, also hired recently, was deprecated in favour of Agenor because he was not in the best of his form.

The one that doesn’t count is midfielder Allan. The athlete was already in the cast of Fluminense, but with commitment only until the middle of the year, because he was loaned by Liverpool. The loan was redone and the contract renewed, so his name was again published in the list of enrollees. That, however, only happened on Tuesday.

Thus, the game against Ceará didn’t count towards the fulfilment of the automatic suspension by his expulsion in the match against Chapecoense. He will have to pay the punishment in the classic. Yuri, who got the job in front of the Vozão, must be kept at the post.

Fluminense’s low performance in scoring, despite their dominance in the matches, makes the prediction in Vasco’s victory the best guess for the clash that opens on Saturday the eleventh round of the Brazilian Serie A Championship.

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