USA vs Thailand Betting Tip and Prediction

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USA vs Thailand Betting Tip and Prediction
USA vs Thailand Betting Tip and Prediction

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USA vs Thailand, Tuesday’s game for the Women’s World Cup 2019, Group F, in the Stade Auguste-Delaune, Reims, France.

The USA and Thailand play Group F’s inaugural game today in a game that is expected to be totally dominated by the North American team that is undoubtedly far superior to this team from Thailand, which is reflected in the world ranking where the USA are the first while Thailand is 34th.


The USA enter as main favorite to win the competition considering that they have won three times and are currently the defending champion.

To front them is Thailand, a low-quality team, so a convincing North American win is expected on this opening day.

The last time these two teams met, the USA thrashed Thailand 9-0, which shows the big differences between the two teams.

In the run-up to this World Cup the USA beat some quality teams like Australia by 5-3, New Zealand by 5-0 and Belgium by 6-0 demonstrating a great offensive force with 16 goals in only three games.


On the other side of the field we have Thailand, a weaker team that should feel immense difficulties against almost all the national teams of this group.

This should be the most complicated game for Thailand against a very strong team at all levels and expect a heavy defeat in this first game.

Unlike the USA, the Thailand team does not come from many victories and have even lost the last five consecutive matches, the most recent 6-0 against Belgium, which has been thrashed by the USA, proving that there is a huge difference in quality between the USA and Thailand.


In an opening day and wanting to leave a good image I believe that the USA should win this game by a wide margin which leads me to go in the AH -4.5 of the North Americans.

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