Union Berlin vs Leipzig Betting Tip and Prediction

Union Berlin vs Leipzig Betting Tip and Prediction
Union Berlin vs Leipzig Betting Tip and Prediction

Union Berlin vs Leipzig for the German Bundesliga championship match on Sunday at Alten Försterei Stadium.

Union berlin

The Union Berlin team comes to this meeting to hold their first campaign in Bundesliga 1 in many years, after the home side had been unable to compete since the time of the reunification of Germany.

They achieve this feat after that milestone in the country’s history, having won the right to promotion after beating 16th Bundesliga runners-up Stuttgart in the May league.


As for the Leipzig team, this season comes with a lot of goals in view, as can be seen from the bet on a coach like Julien Nagelsmann.

After the excellent work at Hoffenheim, with the team looking to achieve eventual titles and sound results with a much more dominant, offensive and vertical football, as seen in the former group of the new coach of visitors.


In the last game of this matchday that opens the new edition of the German championship, we will have two exciting teams to follow this season, although for different reasons, as I explained above.

Anyway, taking what has been the course in recent weeks of the team, what is already known about the squad and also taking into account the issues regarding the technical command, I can not imagine here a game that does not have a good football played, very offensive (mainly due to the way Leipzig have been playing and the way Julien Nagelsmann puts their teams in play).

That same offence should guarantee not only a few goals scored but also many midfield errors near the defensive and closer to the team’s box, which in turn should allow the goals to appear.

Although this depends a lot on the ability of both teams to finish throughout the match. I also believe that the local team can have fun on this match in terms of the result obtained.

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