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Turkey vs Wales betting tip 2020 – Picks and Predictions for the European Championship match on 16 de June de 2021

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Eurocopa 2020
Eurocopa 2020

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Introduction to the Turkey vs Wales betting tip 2020

After a year’s delay, we could finally witness the start of the 2020 European Championship, the fixtures which have already been played have delivered all the excitement we had imagined. We bring you this time the betting tip for Turkey x Wales 2020. The teams will play the game in Group A.

This edition of the Euro is very peculiar. It will be marked by being played a year after it was initially scheduled, as unfortunately, the pandemic delayed the holding of the competition in 2020.

And it is not only the schedule that draws attention in the European Championship 2020. For the first time, the competition is not held in a host country. Initially, UEFA’s idea was that 13 different cities would host the matches.

But unfortunately, some were unable to meet the health requirements, so there will be matches in 11 European cities. The Turkey x Wales 2020 match will occur in Baku at 16:00h (UTC) at the Bakı Olimpiya Stadionu.

Turkey x Wales 2020: Qualifying performances

The group stage is very similar to the qualifying round. In both situations, all teams in the group face each other, and the best two progress. This is why it is always good to look at how the teams performed during the qualifying phase.

In this case, we can see that Turkey qualified as 2nd in their group. With a campaign of 7 wins and a total of 23 points out of 10 games. This performance allowed Turkey to play in this year’s competition. All in pursuit of the dream of achieving the highest glory of the continent.

Yet, another team also dreaming of doing well is Wales. The team comes to the 2020 European Championship after scoring 14 points and finishing in 2nd place in its qualifying group. Throughout the 8 matches of the qualifying phase, it was 4 wins that gave the team the credentials to play in the final stage of the competition.

Details about Turkey

Turkey is coming from a defeat in the last match they played. The team of coach Ş. Güneş failed to stand up to Italy and ended up losing by 0-3. In the light of this, the team arrives for this duel in 4th place of Group A.

In short tournaments with international teams, the tradition and name are usually a good indicator of what the team is aiming for in the championship.

So, considering that, we see a record where the team has never even reached a final of any of the European Championships. This makes Turkey a one of the teams who should fight only to make an honorable appearance at European Championship 2020.

Although historical data is an important parameter, it is not the only factor that should be considered when assessing Turkey’s chances in this European Championship. The momentum of the team coached by Şenol Güneş is also something that should be taken into consideration.

Therefore, the 29th position in FIFA’s ranking also serves as an indicator. As the current moment is not the best, Turkey arrives as a strong shooter in this European Championship 2020. That means the players come in without too much pressure, and they might even develop their best soccer.

Turkey Qualifying Numbers

Turkey’s offensive performance in the qualifying campaign provides another essential piece of information for this match to analyze. In the 10 game campaign, the team scored 18 goals, with C. Tosun as the main standout responsible for 5 of those goals.

However, C. Tosun is not the only player on the team to take a closer look. K. Karaman was the highest performing player on the team during the qualifiers. If he can keep up the same level of play, it is an excellent sign for Turkey, as he certainly can make the difference in this match.

Wales in detail

On the other hand, Wales’s team arrives for this match after drawing the previous match. In the previous round, Robert Page team faced Switzerland, and the match ended with a draw by 1-1. So for this game, the team arrives in 3rd place in the group.

Many considerations apply to both teams. So perhaps the most determining factor for Wales’s ambition in this European Championship 2020 is the team’s record in the competition as well. After all, it is expected that the more traditional teams will reach the finals. Wales has never even reached a European Championship final. Therefore, the fans expect that at the very most a decent competition campaign.

On the other hand, when we check the team’s position in the FIFA ranking, we see that Wales arrives for this European Championship in the position 17. This demonstrates that regardless of the number of titles they have won or not, As they are in a mid-ranking position, Wales can be a good surprise in the competition. However, expecting the team to reach the decisive stages seems too optimistic.

Wales’s Qualifying Records

Wales scored 10 goals in qualifying for European Championship 2020. The team’s great offensive standout was A. Ramsey, who scored 2 goals. Moreover, in the 8 matches that the team played in the qualifying rounds, they conceded 6 goals.

With that, we realize that the attack is not the most efficient. But the Robert Page coach’s team is betting on a solid defense as its leading quality for this European Championship.

Betting markets for Turkey x Wales 2020 match for European Championship

Goals Betting Tip

Looking at the campaign of both teams in the qualification. We can add up the number of goals they both scored and conceded to notice some trends.

So a great betting opportunity on the Turkey x Wales 2020 match is to place your bet on And the best bookmaker to do this is Bet365, where the odds for this result are at .

Betting on a draw

Betting on the winner of a soccer match is never an easy task, as there are three possible outcomes, and this sport is known to be a real “box of surprises.” But if you are an aggressive bettor, you can take advantage of great opportunities in this market. A great example of that is this match between Turkey x Wales 2020.

The two teams are evenly matched. There is no apparent favoritism in the fixture. So since nobody wants to lose in a European Championship match, a draw is a real possibility. The best thing is that the draw odds are usually very high. Take the opportunity to try to profit high at Bet365. The odds of 3.1 are very attractive.


Betting tip generated by artificial intelligence

Betting tip generated by Artificial intelligence, through NLG technology.

Betarena prepares the betting tips based on the data collected over the years, and duly analysed by our AI system, in order to increase the odds of return on sports betting.

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Betting tip generated by artificial intelligence

Betting tip generated by Artificial intelligence, through NLG technology.

Betarena prepares the betting tips based on the data collected over the years, and duly analysed by our AI system, in order to increase the odds of return on sports betting.

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