Three teams have already clinched a spot at the MLB playoffs

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Three teams
Three teams

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The National League and also the Major League Baseball have their first teams to clinch a spot in the playoffs this season. Two franchises belong to the same division: San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers, from the National League West. In addition to them, the Milwaukee Brewers, also from the National League, secured early qualification.

Now they will keep running for the division title for not playing a one-game Wild Card. One of them, despite an excellent season, will have to enjoy just the Wild Card spot.

The teams

The Giants was the first team to reach the goal and returns to the postseason after five years. In 2016, they had 87 wins and 75 losses and got second place in the division. In that opportunity, the division title stayed in Los Angeles for the Dodgers. Curiously the same franchises from this season, but the positions can be different.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, this season is the earliest the Giants have clinched a playoff spot, by calendar date, in franchise history, and the first time they’ve been the first team to guarantee at the playoffs since 1987.

With 15 remaining games, only a single match separates both teams. SF has 97 victories and 53 losses, and LA has 96 wins and 54 losses. According to Bovada, San Francisco Giants is the favorite to win the division, with odds, while the other has -110 odds.

And from the same division, the San Diego Padres, with 76 wins and 73 losses (510 winning percentage), also have chances to get the other Wild Card spot, considering that one of them already belongs to the Giants and Dodgers.

The last time that three teams from the National League West went to playoffs was in 2017, with Dodgers (104 – 58), Arizona Diamondbacks (93 – 69), and Colorado Rockies (87 – 75).

Also from this conference, the following franchise to get it cliched for the playoffs were Milwaukee Brewers, with 91 wins and 58 losses, while the second-placed is 11.5 games behind. With this, the division title is also virtually guaranteed.


It means that the MLB National League has only two open spots: one from the East title and another from the Wild Card. Talking about Wild Card, three franchises run for it: the Padres, like we said ahead, St. Louis Cardinals, with 79 victories and 69 losses, and Cincinnati Reds with 77 and 73.

With around 10 matches for the regular season end in the National League East, three franchises are looking for the division title, but two of them have an advantage.

The current first place Atlanta Braves has 77 wins and 70 losses, followed by Philadelphia Phillies, with 76 wins and 73 losses, and New York Mets, with 73 and 77. According to Bovada, Atlanta Braves is the favorite for the division title.

Will the World Series stay in the National League, just like the last two years?

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