There is no undefeated team from the National Football Conference East

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Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Eagles

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There is no team from the NFC East unbeaten this regular season, after the first week’s end and the second one’s beginning.

+ Three teams have already clinched a spot at the MLB playoffs

On Thursday, 16, two franchises from this Division made a very disputed match. In Washington, the Football Team defeated the New York Giants by 29 – 30. The game was decided just in the end, after a 43 yards field goal, from D. Hopkins to celebrate a comeback win in the last second.

As the players weren’t on a good day, choosing some wrong decision in the plays, on the other hand, they paid with the desire to win the match. The Giants made the first points in the game, with a touchdown, but Washington tied still in the first quarter.

And it was this way that the match was taking place until the last quarter. None of the teams had more than a touchdown advantage. In the end, Washington had three touchdowns and three field goals, while New York made two touchdowns and five field goals.

The Washington quarterback, Taylor Heinicke, had 336 passing yards, 46 attempts pass and 34 completions (73,91% completion pass percentage), two touchdowns, and one interception. Daniel Jones had 249 passing yards, 32 attempts and 22 completions (68,75% completion pass percentage), and one touchdown.


Last season, the National Football Conference East was the only Division where the Champion had more losses than wins, with seven and nine, respectively (0.438 winning percentage). Since 1970, it was the first time that it happened. In 2019, the results wasn’t one of the best, but at least the Champion, Philadelphia, had nine wins and seven losses.

And these bad situations can happen this season again. According to Bovada, probably after the second week, there wouldn’t be any undefeated team from the Division. And the predictions were correct. The Eagles, that after the first week had one win, fell for San Francisco 49ers, at home, in a 17-11 loss.

Now Eagles has one win and another loss, Washington has one win and one loss, the Cowboys has one loss, and the Giants has two losses.

Despite the past seasons, the teams from this Division have 18 apparitions in the Superbowl, with 11 wins, making them the Division with more NFL titles. An NFC East team won the Superbowl in 2017 when the Eagles defeated the favorite New England Patriots.

This season, Dallas Cowboys is the favorite to win the Division, by Bovada, with -150 odds.

Take a look at all the games from the NFL second week:

  • NY Giants 29 @ 30 Washington
  • New England 25 @ 6 NY Jets
  • Denver 23 @ 13 Jacksonville
  • Buffalo 35 @ 0 Miami
  • San Francisco 17 @ 11 Philadelphia
  • LA Rams 27 @ 24 Indianapolis
  • Las Vegas 26 @ 17 Pittsburgh
  • Cincinnati 17 @ 20 Chicago
  • Houston 21 @ 31 Cleveland
  • New Orleans 7 @ 26 Carolina
  • Minnesota 33 @ 34 Arizona
  • Atlanta 25 @ 48 Tampa Bay
  • Tenessee 33 @ 30 Seattle
  • Dallas 20 @ 17 LA Chargers
  • Kansas City 35 @ 36 Baltimore
  • Detroit 17 @ 35 Green Bay

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