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The stats from the players who will play the NFL Wild Card

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The NFL Playoffs start on Saturday 15, and everybody will have the opportunity to see the best players from the World in their best moments. They practice almost the whole year for this part of the season.

That’s why we can expect a lot of great plays in the following weeks. So we prepared a resume from the number of each Quarterback, Wide Receiver, and Running Backs.


Among the QBs from the 12 franchises that will play in the NFL Wild Card, of course, the first one we will tell about is Tom Brady, from Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Brady had the most significant number of passing yards in the regular season. He averages 330 per game and is one of the main reasons for another NFC South in the season, leading the franchise for 13 wins and only four losses, resulting in the best record in the NFL, like Green Bay Packers.

The number 12 is followed by Matthew Stanford, from Los Angeles Rams, and Patrick Mahomes, from Kansas City Chiefs, both with more than 280 passing yards per game.

Wide Receivers

Considering the WRs from the league, Cooper Kupp from LA Rams led the stats, with 110 receiving yards per game. In the match between the Chiefs and Pittsburgh Steelers, it will be possible to see a particular challenge of two stars.

Tyreek Hill, from Kansas, and Diontae Johnson, from Pittsburgh, will make an exciting game looking for more receiving yards. Each one averages around 72 per opportunity after the end of the regular season.

Running Backs

To finish the list of the players in the NFL Wild Card, Joe Mixon, from Cincinnati Bengals, stands out, with 75 rushing yards, and also helps with 20 receiving yards per game in the season.

The player has –116 odds on Bovada for rushing more than 76 yards in the Wild Card game against Las Vegas Raiders.

Najee Harris, from the Steelers, with 70 rushing yards and 27 receiving yards, and Ezekiel Elliott, from Dallas Cowboys, with 58 and 16 respectively, also made a great regular season.


Take a look at the schedule from the Wild Card challenges in the next few days. Read about the favorites for the games.

Saturday, 15

  • Cincinnati Bengals (4) vs. Las Vegas Raiders (5)
  • Buffalo Bills (3) vs. New England Patriots (6)

Sunday, 16

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2) vs. Philadelphia Eagles (7)
  • Dallas Cowboys (3) vs. San Francisco 49ers (6)
  • Kansas City Chiefs (2) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (7)

Monday, 17

  • Los Angeles Rams (4) vs. Arizona Cardinals (5)
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