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The stakes for the final FIFA Date in the UEFA qualifying group phase

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UEFA qualifying

There are just two rounds left in the UEFA qualifying group phase for the 2022 FIFA World Cup? The current FIFA Date, which closed for European teams on Tuesday, has seen two teams qualify for next year’s finals. Germany and Denmark became the first two teams to book a place at the tournament in Qatar, which already included the confirmed presence of the home team, of course.

There are now eight direct qualifying spots left for European teams, plus the ten playoff places to be decided. So, how does each of these fights stand, which will be resolved at next November’s FIFA World Cup? In the following few paragraphs, take a look at the situation of each of the leading teams! Take a look at the UEFA qualifying round and start planning your bets now for the two decisive rounds of qualifying.

Who has the best chance of going through?

In addition to Germany and Denmark, who are already guaranteed a place at the 2022 FIFA World Cup? Belgium and France need just a win to seal their place in the next round of qualifying. The Belgians face Estonia, while the French entertain Kazakhstan, overwhelming favorites for home advantage.

Another team that should have no trouble securing a direct passage to Qatar is England. The English must pick up four points from their final two qualifying matches if Poland wins their games. Should the Poles falter in their next FIFA DATE opener, away to Andorra, would an English win against Albania be enough? And should the Poles falter in their next FIFA World Cup opener against Andorra, would a win for England against Albania be enough?

The battle for the other direct qualification spots

In addition to the clashes mentioned above, there will be five other fights on the cards in the final two group matches of the UEFA qualifying phase. Perhaps the most evenly-matched of these will be between Italy and Switzerland, who share the second-best defensive record in qualifying with only one goal conceded apiece. Both have 14 points in Group C and a head-to-head tie on the next matchday. Whoever comes out on top in that clash, which Italy will favor, has every chance of reaching the FIFA World Cup finals.

The other battle that catches the eye is between Spain and Sweden. The current runners-up in the Nations League are behind the Swedes in the standings and should arrive in the last round for the confrontation, needing a win so that the direct spot does not stay with the rivals. The situation is similar to the dispute between Portugal and Serbia. However, the Portuguese team must reach the game between the teams in the final round with the advantage of a draw. The same can be said of the battle between the Netherlands and Norway, which should have the Dutch advantage in the final clash.

However, the final contest, and perhaps the one that promises the most exciting, is between Russia and Croatia. A testament to the balance of that tussle is in Bet365‘s odds to see who will win Group H. According to the bookmaker, both Russians and Croats are quoted at 1.83 to take the top spot in the group, and consequently, the direct place in the 2022 World Cup. The Russian side has the edge at the moment. However, the direct clash between the two, plus one scheduled for the final round, will be in Split, Croatia.

The battle for a playoff place also promises plenty of suspense

If the loser of the clashes mentioned above is expected to take a playoff place, the other four groups are likely to be fiercely contested. The only exception is Scotland, who missed out on an automatic qualifying berth to Denmark, but who will need a win against Moldova or the Danes to secure their second chance of reaching the finals. In the other groups, the difference between second and third place is no more than two points.

Poland has the most straightforward situation among them. Lewandowski and Co are two points clear of Albania, and with one more win, they should clinch a playoff spot. However, in Group E, the battle between the Czech Republic and Wales should be an enthralling contest right down to the final matchday. Both have the same points, and although the Czechs have a game in hand, the Welsh face Belgium. Both teams have the same points, and although the Czechs have a game in hand, the Welsh face Belgium.

In groups D and J, the battle is between three teams. In the first of these, Ukraine, Finland, and Bosnia are separated by two points. The Ukrainians have a game in hand, while the Finns still have France to play, and the Bosnians are in fourth place. In other words, there are pros and cons for each side. In Germany’s group, Romanians, Macedonians, and Armenians still have a chance. The difference between second and fourth is only one point, with only Armenia still facing the Germans. Romania and North Macedonia should therefore be the primary battle on the cards.

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