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The future of the players who stood out for Argentina in the Copa América

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After 28 years, Argentina managed to lift a champion’s trophy again. The wait ended in style, as the team beat their greatest rival, Brazil, inside the Maracanã, one of the most iconic stadiums in the world. The triumph in the tournament brought new players into the spotlight and stamped great careers, such as those of Messi and Di Maria. Argentina’s highlights were numerous, both in numbers and names. Some, however, will be better watched in the future at their clubs.

+ Chicharito and Ruidíaz scored almost half of their team’s goals in MLS

Lionel Messi, as usual, entered Copa America as the main highlight of the tournament among all the teams. Messi did what everyone expected with the weight of never having won a championship for his national team. However, the player still has an indefinite future in the season.

Di Maria, from PSG, who scored the goal in the final, also arrives with morale after winning back the hearts of the fans. De Paul, who had already had some good moments in his career, now has a new challenge ahead of him after doing very well in Copa America. Closing the list of highlights, Emiliano Martinez, Argentina’s goalkeeper, was one of the great names of the tournament and of the team, a hero in the knockout stage and steady in goal.

Messi’s future is still uncertain

The great star of the national team, Lionel Messi, finished the tournament with the award for top scorer and also for best player. With four goals and five assists, Messi was the highlight of Argentina in Copa América. In addition, the genius was also responsible for lifting the cup at the end of the match. The genius finally lifted the weight of never having won anything for the national team off his back, and it couldn’t have been better. 

However, the world lives an expectation to know where the Argentine genius will play next season. Some searches have begun to be made by European giants, such as PSG, building a solid squad. The French team has already signed Sergio Ramos, ex-Real Madrid, and announced the Italian goalkeeper Donnarumma, the best player of the Euro.

However, much is said about the permanence of the Argentine prominence in Barcelona. On the other hand, it is worth remembering that Messi is fully capable of shining globally, especially now, without the weight of the lack of titles for the national team.

Goalkeeping highlights

Emiliano Martinez was one of the heroes and highlights of the Copa America title. The goalkeeper was a regular throughout the competition and conceded only three goals during the six matches of the Copa America. The player was elected the best in the championship, thanks also to his performance in the penalty shoot-outs that Argentina went through.

The 28-year-old is currently an athlete of Aston Villa, a team that disputes the Premier League. The player arrives with a lot of morale to the team for the dispute of the next season of the English elite. The Aston Villa aims to seek European places, as the Europa League or the new UEFA competition, the Europa Conference League. The club last season finished with 11th place, staying away from the fall. However, it did not threaten the teams that went to such competitions. With Emiliano Martínez in goal, surrounded by morale and current South American champion, the team only has to win.

De Paul and Di María

Two other names were standouts in Argentina during this Copa America. De Paul ended the tournament as one of the members of the selection of the championship. The midfielder was announced by the current La Liga champions, Atletico Madrid. The player will fight in a concrete way for the starting position in the Spanish team. The current champions have the objective of winning the second league title and also seek their first title in the Champions League. In La Liga, Atletico Madrid, De Paul, the company should enter with the best odds in the long-term Bet365 markets, closely followed by Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Another highlight is an old acquaintance of Argentine fans. Di Maria, from PSG, was living under mistrust in the South American country. However, the Copa America campaign ended with such sentiment. The player scored the winning goal for Argentina and was the highlight of the decisive match against Brazil. The goal, by the way, was a painting, one of those that the fans expect from ‘Di Magia.’ 

Di María should once again be one of the critical pieces for the season at PSG to bring the ball to the team’s quality attack. The Parisian side were not champions last season in the domestic league. However, they should enter the top odds to be champions in the Bet365 markets.

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