The best ways to bet on Premier League derbies

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Premier League derbies
Premier League derbies

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Few leagues in the world have as many big matches as the Premier League. With at least six big-name teams in the competition, the English top-flight always offers a clash of superstars, excitement, and quality. The biggest clashes are usually between teams from the Big Six. Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham, and Arsenal make up this group, which provides matches full of tradition and entertainment.

However, do you know the best way to bet on Premier League derbies? Betarena has made an overview of the main trends in these games, based on the matches of the last season of the tournament. In the following paragraphs, you will see, for example, the teams that have the best and worst performance in these clashes, among other data that can help you make a profit in one of the major leagues in the world.

Liverpool is the king of Premier League derbies

If there is one team that did not take notice of their rivals in the Premier League last season, it is Liverpool. Of the 30 points they could collect from their ten meetings with Big Six contenders, the Reds took 19, with only champions Manchester City failing to overcome Jurgen Klopp’s men. By contrast, both Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal have lost their two meetings with the Reds.

Spurs, by contrast, had the worst record in derbies in the past Premier League. Only 10 points were earned in this circumstance (i.e., six defeats). However, it is worth noting that, on the other hand, when Tottenham did prevail, it was in style. They were one of only six clubs to beat champions Manchester City. In addition, the London side also managed an impressive 6-1 win over Manchester United.

Games without both teams scoring have been the majority

Of the 30 matches involving the Big Six clubs in the last edition of the Premier League, many of them featured one-sided or no goals at all. In 18 of those matches, 60 percent of the games were one-sided or goalless. In other words, in only 12 of the last 12 Premier League derbies have both sides scored. An interesting trend, after all, the odds of this market are usually exciting on Bet365.

Three teams helped a lot to consolidate this mark. Manchester United, Chelsea, and Arsenal each had seven derbies without both teams scoring. Liverpool, on the other hand, who, as already mentioned, have had the best record in derbies, have only managed to do so on four occasions. In the first giant duel of the current season against Chelsea, the trend has been maintained. After all, the teams drew 1-1.

Consequently, the tendency is also of few goals

Another trend that could help punters make their picks in the current edition of the tournament is the derbies. The Premier League derbies have the habit of not having both teams scoring. Consequently, the chances of seeing only two goals or less in these duels are great. Of the 30 clashes of this type last season, 17 of them had less than 2.5 goals.

The successive derbi of the current season will be played as early as this ninth round and is one of the biggest derbies in the country will take place in the Premier League. The Liverpool will visit Manchester United on 24 October, in the first meeting between Cristiano Ronaldo and his Liverpool rivals.

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