Tampa Bay Rays and White Sox are the first teams from AL at the playoffs

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Tampa Bay Rays_
Tampa Bay Rays_

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While in the National League from the MLB, as we told here last week, three teams have already clinched a spot at the playoffs. Now it’s time for the other side.

Two teams from the American League clinched a spot in the past few days: Tampa Bay Rays, from the East and Chicago White Sox, from AL Central. Houston Astros, from the West, will undoubtedly be the next one from this conference to does it, and it will happen in the following days.

According to Bovada, the Astros and Tampa Bay are the favorites to win the American League, with +230 odds, followed by White Sox, with +325 odds. But the situation of the teams above at the end of the regular season is different. Take a look:

Tampa Bay Rays

With 94 wins and 59 losses (614 Winning Percentage), the Rays was the first team from the American League to clinch a spot for October. The best team from the East and the conference will probably reach the division title in the following games, maybe until Tuesday 28.

It didn’t happen yet because the AL East is the most levelheaded division from all the league. The two Wild Card spots, which you will read below, should come from this division.

Tampa also has the best offense from the division, with 811 runs scored, resulting in more than five per game, and second-best from all the league, just behind Houston Astros, with 827 runs.

Chicago White Sox

If the Rays is still running for the title, the White Sox already clinched at once a spot at the playoffs and the American League Central title. Although they are the division Champion with fewer wins, the division is the easiest, which doesn’t mean they don’t deserve that.

The team guaranteed the title with nine matches remaining since they have 86 victories and 67 losses, and the second-place Cleveland Indians has 75 wins and 77 losses (less than 500 percentage wins).

Houston Astros

The Astros isn’t cliched for the playoffs for a while, but they must reach the objective until Sunday since they are missing nine matches. As we said, Houston has the best offense, with 827 runs scored, and the team is making a good season.

And the playoffs spot will come together with the AL West title since they have 91 wins and 62 losses (595), and Seattle Mariners has 84 wins and 69 losses. The second one is seven games behind.

Wild Card

As we wrote before, the two Wild Card spots aren’t defined but have their favorites, and all they are in the East: Boston Red Sox, with 88 wins and 65 losses, New York Yankees, with 86 wins and 67 losses, and Toronto Blue Jays, with 85 wins and 68 losses.

Despite them, the Mariners is the closest but is in a difficult position since they are some games behind the others. Let’s wait and see the best part of the regular season.

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