Sweden vs Norway Betting Tip and Prediction

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Sweden vs Norway Betting Tip and Prediction
Sweden vs Norway Betting Tip and Prediction

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Sweden vs Norway for the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifiers match on Sunday at Friends Arena Stadium.

Two traditional European football teams are featured in Sweden vs Norway prediction. Thus, the two teams face each other for the Euro 2020 Qualification this Sunday in Stockholm.

In the last match for the competition, both teams played a 6-goal game in March, ending in a 3 × 3 draw. In this case, a balanced game is expected between the two teams fighting for the classification in group F.

Besides, the last 3 matches between the teams ended in a draw, 3 × 3, 1 × 1 and 0x0. Balance also occurs in the standings. For Sweden, second place has 10 points. Just behind comes Norway with 8. The winning team will occupy the second position behind leaders Spain.


The team from Sweden finished the first round of the competition in second place. Thus, it made its obligation to win against the 3 weakest teams of the group: Romania, Faroe Islands and Malta. As said, tied with Norway and lost to Spain by 3 × 0.

Although they have faced weaker teams, in the last 5 matches the Swedish attack has scored 12 goals, an average of more than 2 goals per game. The offensive power of the team comes from the wings.

However, the team manages to maintain possession in midfield and has a proper ball distribution. Thus, when attacked from the wings, the defenders have managed to block the intersections but conceding many corner kicks.


Norway takes the field after a comfortable 2-0 win over Malta, a score built in the first half. Thus, the team tried to save themselves in the second half already foretelling their game challenge on Sunday.

The team has difficulty maintaining possession of the ball. It also creates few attacking moves due to a failure in midfield movements. However, the team has taken good advantage of shots on goal.

Thus, against Sweden in March, there were only 4 shots that resulted in 3 goals. Although not a creative team, however, it has good attack effectiveness. In fact, their creations take place in the central part of the goal area.

Anyway, the team lost only to Spain in the competition, with the final score of 2 × 1. The result, however, did not reflect the dynamics of the game, which was entirely dominated by Spain.


The two teams take on the pitch in a game that is worth the second position in the group, with Spain, unbeaten so far, a great favourite for the first place and the other 3 teams are not competitive. This could be the decisive game for qualifying as the first two qualify for Euro 2020.

Also, if there is equality of points, the tie will be broken by direct confrontation, which until now is tied. Therefore, there is no alternative for both teams but to attack.

Thus, it will probably be an open game with the possibility of many goals. The odds for this scenario are with great quotes.

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