Sutjeska vs Bratislava Betting Tip and Prediction

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Sutjeska vs Bratislava Betting Tip and Prediction
Sutjeska vs Bratislava Betting Tip and Prediction

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Sutjeska vs Bratislava for the Champions League qualification match on Wednesday at Gradski Stadium.


Sutjeska at a surprisingly level on Slovan Brastilava’s 1-1 draw in the first leg of the first qualifying round of the Champions League, with Damir Kojasevic scoring the goal in the final moments of the match and thus gave a significant boost to the Montenegrin champions to avoid defeat at Narodny Futbalovy Stadion.

Sutjeska intends to defend this result in front of their the fans, as a goalless draw will push them to the second qualifying round of the Champions League, but it is said that it will be very complicated against a team stronger than them. Their country’s championship has not yet started, so Stujeska had all the time in the world to devote himself to the Champions League qualifying competition.

In the previous season, they were the fair winners of the Prva Crnogorska League, the First Division of the Montenegro Championship, reaching the seventy-four point mark with 21 wins, 11 draws and four defeats, the second championship being won consecutively.

Sutjeska knows that their opponents are more qualified, but in this game, before their fans, they will try to play more consistent football and thus try to seek the victory, and certainly Sutjeska is very confident. For this game, the coach must go to the field with the best squad at his disposal.

Slovan Bratislava

Slovan Bratislava showed they are a superior team but failed to turn that power into more goals when they drew 1-1. In fact, they are arguably better than the Montenegrin champions but have to prove it in this game.

The Slovak side is closer to starting their championship, so their preparation has been with friendly matches, and in their last game, they thrashed the Hartberg of Austria 4-0. The team gained the right to participate in the Champions League qualifiers being their country’s champion, winning the Fortuna Liga title, the Slovakian First Division in eighty points, with 25 wins, five draws and two defeats with a seventh-point advantage compared to second-placed Streda.

On the defensive aspect, the team has conceded few goals, in eight of the last ten games, but their attack has also been scoring regularly. I believe that the coach will go through with a very offensive side since he is at a disadvantage on the undercard by the goal he suffered at home.

The result of the first match does not tell what really happened on the pitch. Bratislava is superior to Sutjeska, but in football, there are no early results, so I think the hosts will do their best to win.

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