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Sure Bet Predictions
Sure Bet Predictions

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Do sure bet predictions exist? If so, where can I find them, how much do they cost and what’s the winning rate? These are questions that every sports bettor, casual beginners and pros alike, must have asked themselves at some point.

Here, we take an in-depth look at sure bet predictions and how it works.

Definition: What are Sure Bet Predictions?

Sure bet predictions are betting tips and predictions with a guaranteed 100% win rate. When a player places a bet on such predictions, they do not expect to lose the bet.

Do Sure Bet Predictions Exists?

Yes and No. If you wondering why the answer to this question is inconclusive, then read along.

Depending on your outlook of what makes up a sure bet prediction, then they may or may not exists. Small odds sure bets exist in what is known as arbitrage betting.

Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting is the exploitation of the variation of odds available in the market through bookmakers and betting exchanges. This is done through what is known as a back and lay process. A player then backs an event in a match on the bookmaker and proceed to lay the same event on a betting exchange.

The profit margins of such bets are usually low. Arbitrage betting depends on players finding matches whose odds probability are less than 100%. Players then give themselves the edge by taking advantage of the pricing discrepancies between bookmakers and betting exchanges. Coupled up with a good bankroll management this strategy is a sure way to grow your bankroll.

Beware of Scammers

On the other hand, high odds sure bets do not exist. 99.9% of the times, any person or website who promise to provide sure big odds predictions will turn out to be a scammer.

More often than not, such individuals will always demand for payment before sending the predictions. At this point most will proceed to block you or will send a slip with is very likely to lose. They’ll then probably ghost you or offer a “recovery slip”. This in an extra betting predictions slips for free or at a small additional fee that is meant to help the player cut their losses and the cycle continues.

From years of experience, most of the high odds sure bet predictions scammers use to ensnare unsuspecting players will be either Half Time/Full Time combinations or Correct Scores. Match fixing is still a problem in most sports. However, such information will only available to a small number of individuals and won’t cost $100 to access it on the internet.

Our Recommendation

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend that you NEVER purchase betting tips. Always be very careful while dealing with anyone promising big wins, most get rich quick schemes are scams to milk your cash.

To borrow from an old adage, when the deal is too good, play safe and think twice. NEVER allow yourself to be carried away by the potential winnings, those big odds predictions are never guaranteed winnings. Lastly, most scammers use poorly edited screenshots to woo possible victims by showing them fake slips with big winnings.

Where to Find Today’s Sure Bet Predictions?

All is not lost. At Betarena, users can find very accurate free predictions of all games of the major Football leagues. Betarena provides daily free bet tips and is constantly looking to expand into new leagues and sports.

Daily Free Football Betting Predictions

In football, we try to mix things up and take a look at the different football leagues across the world. Apart from the 5 major European football leagues, we will also provide betting tips on the lower football leagues and countries not often covered by the mainstream media.

Since most players especially beginners bet on mostly on the major leagues, the odds on matches in these leagues can be slightly lower than other leagues. This is especially so for big teams who dominate their leagues and are seen as favorites to win their games and the league. Examples of such teams include; Celtic in the Scotland Premiership, Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga, Juventus in Serie A etc.

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In contrast, lower leagues can offer exciting betting opportunities for bettors. Not only do minor leagues offer better betting odds on average but the level of skills of the different teams differs. This variance can create unique and valuable betting opportunities.

How do we get our free bet predictions?

The betting tips we provide are handpicked by a team of passionate specialists in each sport with the aim of giving the player the edge. Each team dedicated to each sport puts in a painstaking shift in analyzing and vetting the picks. This is to make that only the best tips with the highest winning probability are provided to you.

Our team takes into consideration every detail available for each game, no matter how minor it appears. This includes things like streaks, H2H, injuries, suspensions, ground/stadium etc. to increase your chances of winning.

To offer value to our readers, we will dive beyond the popular betting markets i.e. 1X2 Direct Outcome and Over/Under Markets to the less common markets. Due to their low popularity amongst players, such markets like Corners, Bookings, Handicap, Goal scorers, Half Time Over/Under etc. offer better value in the odds.

In each betting prediction provided by Betarena, we do a write up of the game itself detailing what game it is i.e. League or Cup Competition, Day and Time of Kick Off and Stadium. Our team then give a brief summary of each of the teams which details the team’s form, injuries, suspensions, motivation (lack thereof) etc.

We strive to pack as much statistical data and explanation into this section as possible to aid in reader in making their own decisions. It is possible and encouraged that, where possible, a bettor can pick a solid value bet from this write-up that is different from what our team picked.

Lastly, we give out prediction for the game alongside a brief explanation of why we think that pick is the best bet tip for that particular game. Users can also follow the games in play in the livescore column of the website.

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