Stuttgart vs Hannover Betting Tip and Prediction

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Stuttgart vs Hannover Betting Tip and Prediction
Stuttgart vs Hannover Betting Tip and Prediction

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Stuttgart vs Hannover for the German Bundesliga 2 championship match on Friday at Mercedes-Benz Arena.

A new season begins in Germany, the Bundesliga 2 starts with the confrontation between Stuttgart and Hannover, coincidentally, two teams that last season were relegated and that in this one will undoubtedly be protagonists to seek the promotion to the first division again.
The scenario that will host this duel will be the Mercedes-Benz Arena, where the whole house hopes to start on the right foot.


Stuttgart, the hosts, begin their journey in the second division of Germany with the aim of returning to the Bundesliga, where last season they got a lousy 16th position, despite this they had the possibility of staying in the first division, playing the playoffs against the Berlin Union, one for staying in first and the other in search of promotion.

To Stuttgart‘s bad fortune, they drew 2-2 at home, while in the second leg that would define the series they drew goalless, which would give the promotion to the Berlin Union.

Stuttgart hadn’t good games at home last season winning 6 and losing 7, in terms of goals they had an average of 2.9 playing at home, taking 11 times over and 6 under, which tells us that the effectiveness of goals when they played at the Mercedes-Benz Arena was very high.


Hannover, the visiting team last season fought a lot in the last few days to stay in first, however, it went directly.
As a visitor, they were the penultimate worst team adding just 5 points. As for goals they scored 16 and suffered 45, being the second team that suffered most goals as a visitor in the season.

In the history between Stuttgart and Hannover we have that, last season in both games they overcame, both had their local status respected, Hannover won their match 3-1, while the return home from Stuttgart was a 5-1.
The prediction is based on last season. Hopefully, this time in the second division, they don’t do less and achieve the same kind of result.

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