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We know you are excited about your recent accomplishments and you think the world of sports betting is at your feet. But take it easy. Try not to make the common sports betting mistakes that we are about to show you.

Making such mistakes can compromise your entire strategy. Take a look at our list of things that you should (not) do in order to successfully engage in sports betting.

So far, your sports betting strategy is working and you are taking confident steps into the sports betting universe.

Live soccer trading is working for you, your bankroll is getting larger and the future seems bright.

But are you on the right path, or is it all just luck?

In order to answer this question, we have a check list of all the mistakes that bettors should avoid.

We want you to make sure that your sports betting strategy is successful and devoid of such mistakes.

Listen to the advice we are about to give you and take the test yourself: if, as an online bettor, you are making any of those mistakes, then something is wrong and it’s time to put things right.

Sports betting is a serious business, do not compromise your sports betting strategy.

Beware: this article is destined to those who want to take sports betting seriously and wish to make money as sports bettors.

If you are just looking for fun, then you are in the wrong place.

The following tips were collected from several sports betting websites.

The point is: do not make bad choices as you engage in sports betting.

Let’s now take a look at the mistakes that you shouldn’t make as a sports bettor.

Sports betting mistake no. 1: not being an expert in every sport

If you are not an expert in any given sport, if you just have a handful of notions about sports betting and still think that you are capable of managing big pieces of information, then you are starting off on the wrong foot.

Not even the most efficient and most successful sports bettor is an expert in every sport, in every bet type, in every betting market, etc.

It’s very important to focus on those sports that you like the most, so you can devote yourself to the study of all related sports events.

This is the first mistake that we want you to avoid: do not bet without analyzing each opposing team, each match, all statistics and everything else that may be relevant.

Being unprepared brings you closer to failure.

Mistake no. 2: “playing” with your bankroll

In sports betting, your bankroll is the equivalent to your real-life bank account.

Like the money that you carry in your pocket.


So, you’d never spend all your money in a risky investment, right? The same applies to sports betting.

Managing your bankroll in a precarious and unwise way is one of the worst mistakes that, as a bettor, you can make.

We’ve made several references to bankroll management on previous articles, including those on the best strategies to adopt while betting on Betfair or Bet365.

This is important: your bets should never represent more than 5-10 % of your bankroll.

Make sure you always read our articles on sports betting. You’ll learn everything you need to know in order to properly manage your bankroll.

Mistake no. 3: not being able to find good bets

You keep betting and betting. And, still, if you fail to choose the best betting lines and the best odds, all your effort will be in vain and your strategy will not be successful.

No matter the sports or the betting markets you pick: a good betting strategy must always take into consideration good bets.

It’s crucial that you understand the mistakes made by bookmakers and that you take advantage of those mistakes.

You can capitalize on certain variations and discrepancies in odds. So, in order to make sure that your betting strategy is a successful one, you must always be on the lookout for valuable opportunities.

Mistake no. 4: betting without thinking

This may sound obvious, but it’s the most common mistake among rookie bettors.

Sometimes, even the most experienced among sports bettors end up making this mistake.

We’re not talking about betting on your favorite sports team, and we’re not talking about mindless betting.

We’re talking about more serious scenarios, like when a rookie insists on accumulator bets without realizing how unlikely it is for accumulator betting strategies to be successful.

The idea is to focus on the goal, so you can bet in a reasonable and intelligent way.

If you don’t look at things this way, then sports betting was not made for you.

Mistake no. 5: trying to mitigate your losses!


It’s very problematic when a bettor tries to mitigate his or her losses.

After all, losing some money is part of the game.

So, such possibility must be taken into account when delineating your betting strategy.

That way, you won’t assume that you must bet in order to compensate for previous losses.

Because if you do try to mitigate your losses, you may end up making things worse, because your judgement will be blurred and your mindset will not be the best.

Therefore, you should always mind your strategies (the Martingale system, for instance, may be rather risky) and resist the temptation to bet big quantities.

The whole point is to bet slowly but surely.

Doing or trying to do otherwise is a mistake.

Mistake no. 6: not believing

Not believing in what you’re doing may be your worst mistake, as an online sports bettor.

The worst you can do is follow a strategy that is not solid and not believe in the possibility of being successful.

And if you believe in what you’re doing, you should keep track of all your gains and losses and you should create a well-thought-out working strategy.

Be as meticulous and as disciplined as possible.

That way, it will be easier to believe in what you’re doing and, therefore, to reach your goal.

Fully believe in your skills as a sports bettor, and have full control over yourself.

Being mentally strong, knowing what you’re doing and following through with your strategy is essential.

Do not forget to have a “plan B” for when things go wrong. And when they do go wrong, think outside the box in order to ensure that your betting strategy remains successful.

Mistake no. 7: not paying attention to relevant information

This is mandatory! Do not limit yourself to a single bookmaker, always pick the ones that suit you best.

And you should always read the terms of service of online bookmakers.

That way, you’ll learn how the services work.

Plus, you will be able to know about possible daily betting limits and rollover requirements, so you can take better advantage of offers and bonuses.

It may take a while and be quite dull, but being caught by surprise by certain terms and conditions is not a mistake that one should make, assuming one wishes to thrive as an online bettor.

Mistake no. 8: trusting the wrong people…

Finally, never trust websites, services or people who promise the world to you.

Making money as an online bettor is something that takes work, time, patience, insight, knowledge, perseverance, intelligence.

So, never believe in simple, quick solutions.

We do not doubt you, but everything takes time and success does not happen overnight.

Regarding sports betting, stick to trustworthy websites and forums.

Checking Betarena every day will help you make better choices as a sports bettor, so stick around.

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