Sport Huancayo vs César Vallejo Betting Tip and Prediction

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Sport Huancayo vs César Vallejo Betting Tip and Prediction
Sport Huancayo vs César Vallejo Betting Tip and Prediction

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Sport Huancayo vs César Vallejo for the Peruvian Primera División championship match on Tuesday at Huancayo Stadium.

They face for the 2nd round of League 1, Sport Huancayo and César Vallejo, at the Estadio de Huancayo.

Sport Huancayo

Sport Huancayo, started the tournament with a defeat against Sporting Cristal 3-0 in Lima, it is worth mentioning that the celeste team is one of the most important and most influential in Liga 1, so it was not going to be easy to start the competition with the right foot.

Sport Huancayo, is one of the best teams at home, in the Apertura tournament, this is because they play in a city placed in an elevated area and this is always difficult for most of their rivals, so in several matches they start with that slight advantage and many times they know how to make the most of it.

César Vallejo

César Vallejo, the visiting team from Trujillo, like Sport Huancayo couldn’t start winning, but at least gained a point, the difference is that they started their first game at home.

César Vallejo is a team that has just returned to the first division in 2019, as a visitor it has gone awful, because of the 8 games they have played, they won 2 and lost 6. No doubt, terrible results and against better teams, they should be more careful.

Sport Huancayo and César Vallejo have not met in Huancayo since 2016 that time the home team won by 2-0, however, this season they already faced at the Apertura tournament, a match that ended tied by 2-2.

The conclusion for this match is that Sport Huancayo is obliged to go for the 3 points, at home is where they must take advantage of their condition and make the height count, Vallejo will try to take a draw at least, but before a team that pushes a lot and is very offensive, it will be very complicated, so I think the victory this time is for the hosts.

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