Slavia Praha vs Barcelona Betting Tip and Prediction

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Slavia Praha vs Barcelona Betting Tip and Prediction
Slavia Praha vs Barcelona Betting Tip and Prediction

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Slavia Praha vs Barcelona for the Champions League group match on Wednesday at Sinobo Stadium.

Here you will get the prediction Slavia Praha vs Barcelona, ​​confrontation scheduled for 23/10/2019, Wednesday. The teams enter the pitch for the 3rd round of the Champions League.

We also prepared our free betting tip at the end of the post.

Slavia Praha

We have the Slavia Praha team occupying the 4th position in their Champions League group with a total of 1 point from 2 matches.

In their debut for the tournament, the team achieved a significant result. Thus, they drew away from home against the strong side of Inter Milan.

However, it could have come out with the victory. But they conceded the equalizer in extra time.

Still, in their second match, they were defeated at home by Borussia Dortmund 2-0.

The team tried hard but faced a stronger opponent. Yet, it was better on the pitch for several moments.

Slavia Praha was able on the pitch to exceed the expectations upon the team. It has shown good football, but it is in the group that is perhaps the strongest in the competition.


The Barcelona team drew 0-0 at home to Borussia Dortmund in its away debut. However, it was an unusual match for the team, which had only one clear chance of a goal.

In the next match, they did their homework and won 2-1 against Inter Milan. However, despite their full strength on the pitch, they suffered to turn the game.

They faced a close opponent, who opened the score after 3 minutes.

The Barcelona team has yet to find itself on the pitch this season to return to what it was before. That is a team of stars with one of the best performances in Europe.

Barcelona has a total of 4 points for 2 Champions League games, which gives it the 2nd position in the table.


We have in the prediction Slavia Praha vs Barcelona the visiting team as a significant favourite to win the match, but the home team has been a difficult opponent.

We’ll probably have an attack against defence game, but Slavia Praha can defend themselves well.

Thus, it is likely that Barcelona will have some difficulty creating their offensive moves.

As is usual in the Spanish team’s games, we expect the goals to be scored in good numbers, but nothing much above average. Since the home team must play defensively.

Thus, in our free tip, we will have the help of the odds to rely on a good bet on the not very high goal amount.

Be sure to see our betting suggestion below.

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Over/Under FT - Bet: Under 3.5 - Odds: 1.72

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