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Six challenges heat the NHL’s regular season this week

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Another week starts in the NHL’s regular season, and at least six games should heat the league. Take a look at the main challenges between the franchises below:

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Florida Panthers – Tuesday 8

Two of the best franchises in the Eastern Conference will play in a match that can be Worth the third place in the East, which now belongs to Florida. Depending on the result, the panthers can also overcome Tampa Bay Lightning in the Atlantic first place.

Playing at home, Florida will count with its offense, which by the way, is the season-high, with 227 goals. So, they are the favorite and have -125 odds for the victory on Bovada.

Edmonton Oilers vs. Washington Capitals, Wednesday 9

Both teams are in fourth place in their divisions, and they are running for a spot right to the playoffs, but Washington has a much more comfortable situation, in 8th place in the East, with good advantage for the next one in the standing.

On the other hand, Edmonton is in 9th place in the Western Conference, but with a lot of the rivals very close. For this challenge, the Capitals may have some odds for the win on Bovada.

Carolina Hurricanes vs. Colorado Avalanche, Wednesday, 10

By far the most awaited game of the week, between the first places from both conferences. Colorado has an excellent situation, with more than ten points for the second-placed, while Carolina still has some rivals following them.

The game mustn’t have a favorite, with levelheaded odds on Bovada.

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Vegas Golden Knights, Friday, 11

Both franchises run for the home advantage, each on in their conference, and will probably do it until the season end, and if they have a good streak, they can look up to the best places in the conference.

Dallas Stars vs. New York Rangers, Saturday, 12

It’s a key week for Dallas’ plans for going right to the postseason in a tight conference. On the other hand, New York looks for the home-ice advantage in the offs and will try to keep their good streak, as in the past challenges.

Colorado Avalanche vs. Calgary Flames, Sunday 13

It should be the last chance for Calgary to overcome Colorado and still have opportunities to get first place in the conference. With fewer games in the West, Calgary has more than 10 points behind the rival, so they know a win would be essential for that.

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