Sheffield United vs Leicester City Betting Tip and Prediction

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Sheffield United vs Leicester City Betting Tip and Prediction
Sheffield United vs Leicester City Betting Tip and Prediction

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Sheffield United vs Leicester City for the English Premier League championship match on Saturday at Bramall Lane Stadium.

Sheffield United and Leicester City face each other this Saturday at Sheffield United’s ground Bramall Lane for another exciting round between two teams that leaves fans in doubt for different reasons.

The home team continues to be given as one of the top contenders to relegation, while Leicester is seen by many as a top 6 contender.

Sheffield United

Sheffield United started the season well with a draw at Bournemouth with a goal in injury time followed by a 1-0 home win over Palace, two interesting results for a team that was given as a relegation contender.

This is a team that will surely achieve more results at home than it did so much for the support of their supporters that has made this team a very complicated team to beat in recent times.

This time they have a team stronger than Palace so the challenge is different and the squad will have to be on an even higher level if they want to take at least a point.


Leicester on the other side kept most of their players of last season with a couple of entries like Perez from Newcastle and some releases like Maguire for Man United at the end of the transfer window.

This is a team that is expected a lot for this season with an exciting squad and a proven coach in this league that could make this team a top 6 contender.

The game will be trickier away from home, but I still see a good chance that the foxes will win from a mediocre Sheffield United even though they have done well.

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