Sacachispas vs Colegiales Betting Tip and Prediction

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Sacachispas vs Colegiales Betting Tip and Prediction
Sacachispas vs Colegiales Betting Tip and Prediction

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Sacachispas vs Colegiales for the Argentinian Primera B championship match on Tuesday at Beto Larrosa Stadium.

The prediction of Sacachispas vs Colegiales brings an analysis of two teams that did not start well the opening of the First Metropolitan B of Argentine football.

While Sacachispas finished the competition in 17th place in the tournament, the Colegiales team played the playoffs for the promotion. However, the team failed to pass the semifinals.


Considering the games of the first semester, the Sacachispas team have not won in 10 games, with 6 losses and 4 draws.

The team failed to find its form for the start of the tournament and is in 14th position with just 2 points.

Besides, it is a team that did not have enough reinforcements for the start of the season. With this, we can not expect good performance, even playing at home.

Most important in this analysis is that the team plays well the first half of the matches, but can’t hold the results until the end of the second half.

Thus, the team has conceded 16 goals in the last 10 games, of which only 5 in the first half.


The Colegiales team had a good closing championship last season. But it has lost some significant players in its squad this semester.

With this, the team showed a weak attack in these first 3 games. The team got a draw by 2 × 2 in the last match against Comunicaciones playing at home.

Also, they had two goalless draws in their first two games.

In total, the team has not won in five matches. It’s as if not achieving promotion has frustrated the team’s plans for next season’s budget.


Although we have two teams that did not start the championship well, it is still too early to say that they will not settle in the competition.

It is more likely that Colegiales will be able to arrange their team for the remainder of the season.

The home factor may be a small advantage for Sacachispas, although they have not shown it in their games. But it is always a factor to consider.

The centre of the prediction, however, is the first half, where teams do not get good results. Teams are more likely to be cautious early in the game, which can be tied in the first half of the match.

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