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Round of 16 favorites in the Champions League

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Round of 16 favorites

With just under two months to go until the start of the Champions League Round of 16, we already know which clashes will be decided. The draw for this stage of the tournament has shown us who will face the most significant hurdles while, at the same time, those who will have the most accessible scenarios. To help clarify the situation of each of the 16 teams still in the tournament, we’ve prepared this article!

We will separate the Champions League Round of 16 clashes into three levels. We will show you which ones promise the most balanced, i.e., there is no great favorite. We also separate those encounters in which one of the teams has a specific advantage in advance but with some chance of an upset. Finally, we indicate which clashes are unlikely to end in the way we most expect. Check them out!

The most anticipated and most evenly-matched encounters

On the opening day of the Champions League Round of 16, 15 February, we have the most anticipated clash of this stage. PSG will host Real Madrid in the first leg. Despite not having shown the football that everyone expects, the French have some favoritism to advance because of the star-studded squad. Not even the Spaniards’ good run of form can stop them from doing so. At least, that’s what Bet365 odds indicate. The odds for the team from Paris to classify are at 1.75.

Another duel that is also highly anticipated is between Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo, against Atletico Madrid, Diego Simeone. The striker and the coach have already fought several battles in the competition, and in all of them, the Portuguese have won. There have been six knockout matches between them in the Champions League. Perhaps because of this, the English appear as favorites to advance, with odds of 1.61 at Bet365.

The easiest duels at this stage

On the opposite side of the spectrum, two duels are unlikely to be as evenly matched—quite the opposite. The first of them is between Manchester City and Sporting. The Citizens are the main favorites to win the Champions League and should qualify in the last 16 without any problems. The Portuguese team even did a good campaign in the group stage but should not match the English. At Bet365, Guardiola’s team has odds of 1.05 to advance.

Another great candidate for the Champions League trophy, Bayern Munich, should not have any problems advancing. The Bavarians, owners of the best attack and defense in the competition so far, will face Red Bull Salzburg. The Austrians’ qualification was already historic and quite painful, so a win against the Germans seems unlikely. The favorites are quoted at Bet365 at 1.07.

Other battles in the Champions League Round of 16

The Round of 16 of the Champions League has reached its conclusion with four encounters. Among them, the most evenly-matched looks to be between Juventus and Villarreal. The Italians, however, are favorites and odds to advance at 1.40 on Bet365. In a more relaxed clash, Chelsea will face Lille, trying to fight for the continental championship. The Blues are rated at 1.25 to qualify at Bet365.

In a similar scenario is Ajax, who finished the group stage with 100% success, and now will face Benfica. The Dutch are heavily favored to advance and should not give chances to the Portuguese. The Bet365 quote for the team to qualify is 1.25. Finally, Liverpool, another group that won all the matches of the previous round, will face Inter Milan, and in principle, also has some advantage. The English have odds at 1.22 to advance according to Bet365.

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