Roma vs Monchengladbach Betting Tip and Prediction

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Frankfurt vs Monchengladbach betting tip and prediction
Frankfurt vs Monchengladbach betting tip and prediction

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Roma vs Monchengladbach for the Europa League group match on Thursday at Olimpico Stadium.

Here you will get the prediction Roma vs Monchengladbach, confrontation scheduled for 24/10/2019, Thursday. The teams enter the pitch for round 3 in their Europa League group.

Here you will also find the free betting tip we prepared at the end of the post.


Roma comes in 1st place in their Europa League group table, so they have won 4 points in the 2 matches played so far.

Roma’s team debuted well in the competition, beating Basaksehir 4-0 at home. So it was an easy match where they just confirmed their favouritism by playing well.

They drew 1-1 away against Wolfsberger. However, more was expected from the team, who took the lead in the first half. Still, it retreated a lot and gave room for the opponent.

Roma comes to fight for the qualification because they seem to have a superior team than the other teams in the group.


Monchengladbach’s side did not go very well on their debut as they lost 4-0 at home to Wolfsberger. So it was an offence against defence match.

In the second game played a little better, but could not get more than a draw with Basaksehir 1 to 1. Yet, more was expected from the team.

The team entered the tournament with a reasonable expectation. Thus, possibly it would play better than it has been presenting in pitch.

Monchengladbach is 3rd in their Europa League group, scoring 1 point from their 2 matches.


We understand in RomaMonchengladbach’s prediction that this is a balanced match, despite Roma coming in better shape.

We expect, however, an open match with many chances of goal.

So, in the free tip of the game, let’s hope these chances are for both teams.

See our betting suggestion below.

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Both to score FT - Bet: YES - Odds: 1.51

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