Raheem Sterling Hat-trick may get us to win in sports betting

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Raheem Sterling Hat-trick
Raheem Sterling Hat-trick

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There’s a long-standing belief in sports betting, that a bettor should never pay attention to the form book. Well, this isn’t entirely true.

Individual form and recent results are a massive deal when it comes to betting on football. This is exactly how bookies calculate any relative odds before making them available to the betting community. So for this reason, why would the sports bettor then ignore these facts and figures? The simple answer is, they wouldn’t.

But what does all of this mean for potential bets this week? Well, there were several very important events that took place over the weekend. And all of these are huge indicators to pay attention to before placing bets on this coming weekends football.

Raheem Sterling Hat-trick – Influence rating 4/5

The Premier League wasn’t exactly short on goals last weekend. There were 13 goals scored by Manchester United, Manchester City and Liverpool alone!

As has become familiar in recent years, Manchester City was certainly aware of where the goal was during their away win at West Ham. With a 5-0 battering, last years champions looked all too ready to go on another hunt for the Premier League title.

Most importantly, Raheem Sterling managed to lock in a hat-rick during the game. Scoring a hat-trick on the opening day of the season is no mean feat. So, for this reason, we are giving this event a 4/5 influence rating. This hat-rick makes him the Premier Leagues top scorer after the first round of games. But how will this influence any bets for the coming week?

Manchester City is playing home in their next fixture against Tottenham. And with Sterling in such dangerous form, we are suggesting a bet for Manchester City to win and Sterling to score.

Chelsea Hammering – Influence rating 3/5

Chelsea fans can’t have been too happy after yesterdays 4-0 thrashing by Manchester United. Frank Lampard certainly wasn’t! This being said, having Manchester United away for the first job in charge was never going to be an easy task.

It is true that Chelsea have made many changes to the squad since last season, but they are still a major force in the Premier League. For that reason, we are giving this event a 3/5 influence rating.

Ignoring the fact that the blues have a challenging mid-week clash against Liverpool, it is likely that Lampard’s boys will bounce back in the Premier League. However, the team will have undoubtedly suffered a confidence knock. The next game is this coming Sunday against Leicester City, and many bookies are pricing the game slightly higher due to the heavy loss sustained over the weekend.

Taking this into account, we are suggesting the following bet: Chelsea to draw with Leicester City.

Brighton Blasting Watford – Influence rating 4/5

Brighton has become a bit of a dark horse in the Premier League since their 2017 promotion. And their opening day thrashing of Watford could be a sign that things are getting even better for the club!

They managed to complete a convincing 3-0 victory, which puts them in a tie for 3rd place for the largest margin win at the start of the Premier League season. Due to this, we are giving this event a 4/5 influence rating.

Brighton’s next fixture is at home to West Ham, who on the other side of the equation suffered the largest defeat from all the first round matches. Yes, it was against Manchester City, but losing 5-0 at home and on opening day would dent anyone’s confidence levels.

Therefore the suggested bet for the coming week is Brighton to beat West Ham United.

Rashford Double – Influence rating 4/5

Thanks to some stellar individual performances, The Red Devils find themselves in 2nd place after the first round of matches. And this is only because Manchester City are one goal ahead on goal difference.

Manchester United fans have been waiting patiently for their team to display some of the old ‘Fergie’ forms, and there is one man who is currently leading the pack. This man is none other than Marcus Rashford.

Not only did he score two goals over the weekend, but his confidence and moves off the ball caused absolute havoc for the Chelsea defenders. His two goals have certainly made teams across the Premier League sit up and take notice. So we are giving this Rashford double an influence rating of 4/5.

He is a talented player who has evidently pushed hard in pre-season training. United travel to Wolves for their second match of the reason, and Rashford’s form has pushed us towards the following bet suggestion: Rashford to score and Manchester United to win.

Sheffield United Draw With Bournemouth – Influence rating 3/5

Recently promoted Sheffield United did not seem out of their depth whatsoever when they played Bournemouth in the opening game, away.

Sure Bournemouth is not yet one of the big teams in the Premier League, but they did finish 14th last season and 11 points clear of relegation. They have also had some big performances against some great teams. For this reason, we are giving this event a 3/5 influence rating.

Sheffield United play at home for their next game against Crystal Palace. And the draw at Bournemouth will likely give them confidence ahead of this fixture.

Therefore the suggested bet for this coming week is: Sheffield United to beat Crystal Palace.

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