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When it comes to actively engaging in the act of sports betting, a lot of sports bettors nowadays like to place their stakes on the back of qualitative information. The sports betting platforms discussed in this article – Predictz and Betarena– give out free betting tips on their websites daily to help such sports bettors. But without a shade of doubt, Betarena is a much better sports betting tips website in comparison with Predictz. The reasons for this are not so far-fetched, as the quality Betarena brings to the fore is quite visible.

Predictz vs Betarena: Betting Website Design

One of the first things any sports bettor notices about any sports betting website is the design. Several vital questions pop up in the minds of sports bettors at first glance of a sports betting webpage- Does the webpage have a professional outlook? Does it give a feeling of trustworthiness? Would the website be bookmarked by the sports bettor when he looks at the ratings by his fellow sports bettors? Do they have a large number of members?

All these paramount questions have to be adequately answered by any sports betting platform.

When comparing the website design of both predictz and Betarena betting platforms, you can’t help but notice how aesthetically pleasing the Betarena website is in comparison to that of predictz. The Betarena website also has a more professional look than that of predictz as regards the choice of color used in designing the website. The general outlay of the site and the aura of trustworthiness they instill at first glance in the sports bettor making use of their platform is something to note.

Background Information on betting free tips

Both predictz and Betarena sports betting platforms give out sports betting tips. These betting tips are displayed via their websites daily for use by sports bettors at absolutely no cost to them.

The difference between the free betting tips given out by both sports betting platforms is so apparent. The betting tips of Betarena are backed up by researched and qualitative information that subscribers would enjoyably read. The free predictz predictions today are not backed up with such information.  This lack of background information to support their free betting tips is why most bettors do not trust their platform.

Packaged News and Content in Predictz vs Betarena

Both Predictz and Betarena platforms do engage their members with news making the rounds in sporting events. Though there is a catch as to when they do give out these reports.

Predictz sports betting platform provides the reports of a sporting event after the event has taken place. This action means sports bettors do not get the information they need alongside the free betting tips offered before placing their bets.

Betarena, on the other hand, together with their free betting tips, give their members a detailed report before the sporting events take place. Live betting tips are made available for tipsters who prefer to bet while the games are ongoing. Betarena also provides the right strategy to use in live betting, unlike Predictz.
Betarena also has articles that guide new entrants into the betting scene to responsibly engage in it to make a profit in the long term.

Cash Prize Competitions available in Predictz vs Betarena

Of the two sports betting platforms, Betarena offers a variety of cash incentive betting contests. These have helped to increase to a large extent, the number of subscribers to their platform. These contests which come up several times daily, give subscribers the chance to share their betting tips on the platform in exchange for monetary benefits that runs into thousands.

Based on the information garnered from the predictz website, they do not offer such incentives in any way. These cash incentive contests are what makes the Betarena sports betting platform so unique and a significant reason why most sports bettors are active members of their website.

Partnerships with Sports Betting Companies

Betarena website visitors get bonuses from these betting firms when they open accounts through the Betarena link, like Bet365 or Betfair. Predictz does have such partnerships as well, but they are not as many as that of Betarena.

Other Services Provided by Predictz vs Betarena

Both sports betting platforms comparatively discussed in this article have several services asides their free betting tips they offer.

Both platforms do have their mobile applications. These applications can be installed on any Android or iPhone gadget. The mobile application of Betarena, with its aesthetic design, beats that of predictz. The mobile application of predictz is not aesthetically appealing to the eye. The rate of participants also differs on either sports betting platform. There is no sense of communal participation on the predictz platform when compared to Betarena. Betarena has a very high communal presence which makes for a higher participation rate with their cash incentive betting contests. This presence gives their betting community a much livelier vibe.


The qualitative information that subscribers of the free betting tips on the Betarena betting platform get is way better than that of predictz.

Betarena gives out daily cash-driven contests to foster communal relationships amongst their members. They are also in partnerships with more sports betting firms than predictz.

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