Portugal finishes preparation and arrives with confidence to secure its title

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Last Wednesday, the 9th, Portugal’s national team concluded the period of friendly matches for the Euro Cup. The Portuguese played against Israel, at the Alvalade Stadium, in Lisbon. The game ended in 4×0 for the hosts and had an outstanding performance by Bruno Fernandes. In addition to the Manchester United ace, the duel had the fingerprint of Cristiano Ronaldo, who is getting closer and closer to breaking another record.

The game was another addition to Portugal’s unbeatable period, which now awaits its debut in the Euro Cup’s group of death. As Portugal approaches the bi-championship against Hungary on the 15th, next Tuesday, the Hungarians, France, and Germany complete the most complicated bracket in the European championship.

Portugal arrives halfway of the chain of matches without losing

With the triumph over the Israeli team, Portugal reached its sixth game unbeaten. During this period, the Portuguese won four victories, one in the Nations League, two in the World Cup qualifiers, and this last one against Israel. In addition to the triumphs, the team drew with Spain in a friendly match and Serbia in the World Cup’s qualifiers.

However, it is noteworthy that the last game in which Portugal was defeated was precisely against France, rivals in Group F of the Euro Cup. On this occasion, Portugal was surpassed by 1×0 in a Nations League match in November 2020. On the contrary, these teams also dueled in the Euro Cup final in 2016. Which was won by the Portuguese on French territory.

Cristiano Ronaldo seeks new individual brand

With its eyes on the prize, Portugal will rely on its greatest asset, Cristiano Ronaldo. The player crushed the Israeli and is, more than ever, determined to win another Euro cup in his career. Besides the title, the striker aims for a personal brand during the tournament dispute. After all, he is very close to reaching (and beating) the highest scorer mark in history by a national team.

After the scored goal against Israel, Cristiano Ronaldo was just five goals away from the Iranian Ali Daei. The Juventus striker has scored 104 times with the Portugal shirt in 175 appearances for the national team. The Iranian current leader, has 109 goals scored with the national team shirt, which cannot be expanded, as Ali Daei retired in 2007.

What will Portugal’s journey be like at the start of the Euro cup?

Alongside Portugal in the Euro Cup’s death group are France, Germany, and Hungary, who arises as the group’s ugly duckling. Nevertheless, there are good chances for the Portuguese to advance to the next stage, as the possibilities in the giants’ group are still, in theory, open. The more significant issue, in this case, seems to be the position in which each will advance.

An excellent example of consistency between the three favorite countries is noticeable through the quotes to qualify. According to Bet365, France has odds at 1.12 to advance, while Germany and Portugal have, respectively, 1.08 and 1.28. Thus, the three arise with divided favoritism and will have some closure in the match against Hungary, as the goal balance should make the difference.

The leadership of Group F is critical for the classified one to flee, for example, from England, which is one of the strongest teams in the round of 16. The second place of this group will face the leader of Group D, which could likely be the English. If the Portuguese finish third, they could play against Belgium or the Netherlands, depending on the overall position among the best third-placed.

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