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Portland Timbers and New Yor City run for the MLS Cup title

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After many surprises on the MLS Conference semi-finals of Audi 2021 Cup Playoffs, the season will end on Saturday 11. Three franchises had defeated the rival in the last round, even playing away, so it was uncertainly what to expect of the Conference Finals between Portland Timbers and New York City.

Curiously, both have some things in common. Both franchises had finished the regular season in fourth place. Portland made 55 points on Western Conference and NY 51 on the Eastern. Another thing: both have ended with the same number of goals in the regular season, scoring 56 in 34 games.

Let’s see a resume from both teams until reaching the MLS Cup:

Portland Timbers

Portland Timbers reached the MLS Cup as the main favorite for the title after defeating Real Salt Lake by 2 – 0 on the previous challenge. Mora and Moreno scored for the winners.

The team has the second-best offense from the league, just like New York City, and has improved the defense numbers in the past few matches.

In three playoffs games, the franchise had only one goal against, on round one, on the single challenge played at home in the postseason, against Atlanta United. Portland is averaging two goals per game on the offs.

See all the results of Portland on the playoffs:

  • (4) Portland 3 x 1 Minnesota (5)
  • (1) Colorado 0 x 1 Portland (4)
  • (4) Portland 2 x 0 Salt Lake (7)

According to Bovada, the Timbers are lightly favorite for the title, at Providence Park, with +165 odds. As the challenge is between two of the three main offenses from the league, it’s a good opportunity also to bet on the option ‘over 2,5’, which has -105 odds.

New York City

If both teams finish the regular season in the same place, New York had an extra challenge in the playoffs. After defeating Atlanta on round one at home, two challenges played away, facing two favorites.

The City began the games as an underdog, against the first and second place of the Conference on the regular season, but it was no problem. Of course, it wasn’t easy, but even so, New York defeated both, including a 5 – 3 win on PK against the biggest favorite, New England, in conference semi-finals.

On Eastern Finals, the City had a 2 – 1 comeback win. Moralez and Bacelar Martins scored in the end for the victory. As the game was also far from home, and the team won both opportunities at this playoffs, they expect to leave Portland with the win, and the players are confident of surprising the rival again.

Take a look at all the results of New York on the postseason until the MLS Cup:

  • (4) New York 2 x 0 Atlanta (5)
  • (1) New England 2 (3) x (5) 2 New York (4)
  • (2) Philadelphia 1 x 2 New York (4)

Valentín Castellanos is the MLS striker, with 21 goals, and can be crucial for a NY win. On the other hand, playing for their supporters can make a difference for Portland. After all, Portland has a better retrospect at home, adding 41 points in this situation, coming from 13 wins, two draws, and four losses.

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