Poland vs Austria Betting Tip and Prediction

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Poland vs Austria Betting Tip and Prediction
Poland vs Austria Betting Tip and Prediction

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Poland vs Austria for the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifiers match on Monday at National Stadium.

For this Monday we present Poland vs Austria prediction valid for the 6th round of the Euro 2020 Qualifying Group G at Austria. Teams face each other for group leadership.

While Austria’s squad comes from a 6-0 win against Latvia, Poland lost 2-0 to Slovenia. Both teams have real chances of qualifying, or can even be considered the group’s favourites.

Thus, a balanced and decisive game is expected, as both teams depend on direct confrontation to qualify and seek the final leader of the group.


Having been defeated by Slovakia by 2 × 0 away from home, the Polish team failed to score essential points that could have led their classification, in which case the team would be in a very comfortable position today.

In fact, despite having taken the pitch with slight favouritism, the team sinned in the shots on goal, so they managed to achieve only one. Despite this, the team had 60 per cent possession of the ball but failed to keep its defence for a few moments of the game, enough to take two goals.

In competition, this was the first defeat of the team, which won the other 4 games they played. In this sense, the team scored 8 goals and conceded 2, just the two goals of the defeat of the last game. Thus, statistics indicate that the team shoots little, but with an effective attack, seizes the opportunities well.


The Austrian team comes from a 6 × 0 win against Latvia. That is a straightforward game for the squad against the last place in the group. Thus, one cannot draw any conclusions from the match considering the opponent’s level.

In the competition, the Austrian team is in second place with 9 points in 5 games, as they lost to Poland and Israel in the first two rounds. Thus, 13 goals were scored, and 6 conceded.

Overall, the team has a well-articulated midfield. It creates a lot of moves through the centre and kicks a lot from outside the area, and has a good number of shots. Thus, it is a team that evolved during the competition and today plays one of the vacancies of its group.


The teams from Poland and Austria experienced different moments in the last round. Although both faced mediocre teams, the first was defeated and the second thrashed. However, Poland was in better shape since the start of the competition.

Should Austria win, it will tie in points with Poland to lead the group. If Poland wins, it will open 6 points difference for the opponent and forward its classification. The game becomes more critical when one considers that direct confrontation is the first tiebreaker criterion.

A good bet would be to break a series of 5 games from Poland where only one of the team’s scores in the game. This will probably be a more open game with scoring opportunities for both of them. Also, the two are expected to enter with an offensive stance.

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Both to score FT - Bet: YES - Odds: 1.83

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