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Pereira vs Jaguares de Cordoba Prediction

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Pereira vs Pasto for the Colombian Águila Cup tournament match on Friday at Hernán Ramírez Villegas Stadium.

For this Friday we have the prediction Pereira vs Pasto for the second match of the Copa Águila quarterfinals.

Pereira tries to reverse a 4-goal lead won by Pasto at home. That is a difficult mission for a team that has some technical and tactical limitations.

Therefore, even with a good win, Pereira may not reach its qualification goal.


Pereira’s team comes from seven consecutive wins at home, five of them by the score from 1 to 0. In other words, despite achieving the result, the team does not develop good football with a large number of attacking plays.

Thus their midfield has difficulty creating plays, but their side is very defensive and can not rise to attack.

We can expect a team that will play offensively, as they need to score at least 4 times, and can not even think of conceding goals.


Pasto’s team have built up a good advantage by playing at home and will start with four goals ahead.

However, the team has not won away from home in seven games, but even one defeat will still guarantee the qualification. Therefore the team is expected to play at the back.

The team must take advantage to preserve themselves for the next game for the national championship, where it occupies the eighth position, securing the last slot for the playoffs.


Even with the advantage of 4 × 0, the Pasto team enters the pitch with slight favouritism according to the odds. Since the team has a much better squad.

It is likely, however, that Pasto’s stance is to administer the game. Thus, we will have a balanced match, where Pereira has clear chances of victory.

However, Pereira’s team will struggle to beat the vigorous defence of Pasto’s team. So we have a tendency of few goals in the game. As long as Pasto doesn’t go off to attack.

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