Paris Saint Germain vs Rennes Betting Tip and Prediction

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Paris Saint Germain vs Rennes Betting Tip and Prediction
Paris Saint Germain vs Rennes Betting Tip and Prediction

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Paris Saint Germain vs Rennes for the French Super Cup match on Friday at Shenzhen Universiade Sports Centre.

In the only game of next Saturday in French football, concerning the dispute of the first official game of French football, the French Super Cup (also known as the Champions Trophy) will face Paris Saint Germain and Rennes, in the Chinese city of Shenzhen.

Paris Saint Germain

Paris Saint Germain comes for this first official match of this new sporting season, of the year 19/20, expecting another season of high expectations.

If we consider what were the last campaigns of the Parisian team in the previous seasons, especially after a very expensive investment made in the team’s sports squad and football structure, which last season virtually failed across the board, only managing to win Ligue 1, something that was almost impossible not to happen given the quality differential in relation to the other teams of that competition.


As for Rennes, they come to this first official match of their season after an excellent performance last season in my view. The team finished in a remarkable and noteworthy way, with a triumph in the French Cup precisely against this opponent, managing to recover after losing 2-0 after 21 minutes, eventually triumphing in the penalty spot. Thus, the team not only attended this meeting but also guaranteed qualification for the Europa League this season.


While it is inevitable that it was an absolutely remarkable feat by Rennes last season French Cup final, this is quite difficult to happen again, because PSG is already aware of that, but also because the very difference in quality between the two teams is considerable. Thus, I predict a triumph of the Parisians in this meeting.

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