Odibet: Another Shady Betting Site that Can Go Wrong

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When it comes to betting online, your betting site reliability is a key factor. In that sense, below we’ve reviewed important features of the betting site Odibets.com. And we’ve found things that could make you consider placing your wagers somewhere else.

Wisely selecting the bookie where you will place your bets will save you dislikes.

Is Odibet a trustworthy site?

Odibet is a sport betting company based in Nairobi, Kenya. It started working just last year. So, it is one of those new online betting sites trying to seize Kenya’s sports betting rise.

A few months ago, the Kenyan government banned several betting sites. They were penalized for not complying with established tax payments. In that sense, billions of dollars in taxes were evaded by these online betting sites.

And yes, the sports betting site Odibet was among these sanctioned sites. They didn’t follow the law.

Besides, since last September, the football team Mathare United is facing financial troubles. It was because of their sponsor, the betting site Odibet, ended suddenly an Sh60 million sponsorship deal.

And what is the cause? The betting site financial troubles to meet Government tax requirements.

For their part, the Odibet sports betting company’s Marketing Manager refused to comment. This is not a responsible attitude at all.

Odibet cancelled unexpectedly this sponsorship contract just one year after the deal’s sign. As a result, they left this football team in a critical situation. Additionally, many doubts are raised about the Odibet betting site financial solvency.

Avoid unlicensed betting sites like Odibet

Betting in Kenya or in any country through unlicensed betting sites is a very risky choice. Then, you must know you can be taking serious risks such as:
• There’s the possibility that these betting sites refuse to pay or end up paying less than expected for a bet.
• These sites don’t follow government regulations. So, you couldn’t count on a legal entity to appeal to, in case you need it.
• These fraudulent sites usually change their terms of service. They look to avoid paying to winners customers with this trick.
• The scammy sportsbooks usually offer impressive bonuses whose incredible conditions are not trustworthy. These unbelievable bonuses typically come from new betting sites, like Odibets. They hunt desperately for clients. In contrast, the serious and well-managed sportsbooks don’t offer bonuses like these.

Additionally, there are other important reasons you should keep away from unlicensed betting sites:

• These sites’ online transactions mean hundreds of millions of dollars. All that money represents huge tax incomes that weren’t received by governments. These taxes could be used in the countries’ benefit.
• Besides, by offering attractive bonuses they ward off bettors from legal sportsbooks. This impacts legal companies’ incomes.
• Also, there are irregular betting organizations trying to do “matches-fix”. These organizations are associated with illegal sportsbooks. They try to change odds looking to maximize their profits. This illegal activity may cause terrible damage to sports.

The basic principles in betting

To be successful in sports betting online, a series of principles must be followed. Some of the most important to remember is:
•Choose a reliable betting site,
•Get good information such as good football betting tips,
•Always check for means of support for clients when betting online,
•Diversify your bets…and other more.

It is no accident that the first point on the list is to use reliable betting sites.

In relation to this, any reliable online sportsbook will show its license. It is granted by the country’s authorities in which it is operating. In fact, many legitimate bookmakers make their licenses highly visible. This help to build trust among punters.

On the sports betting site Odibet you do not find any reference to its Kenya operation license. This suggests that it doesn’t follow government regulations. Thus, these betting site’s finances could be not reliable.

Another important factor is that the site should show its cookie policy. They should say what data they collect with their cookies, and what their purpose is. So, if you do not find anything related to cookies, the site may not be safe for you.

When you review the Odibets website, you don’t find information about its cookie policy.

Trusted betting sites

If you want to invest your money safely, we advise you to bet on reliable sports betting sites. These are sites with extensive experience and an excellent reputation for betting in Kenya and internationally too.
Currently, among the best betting sites in the world are:

Betfair betting website
Betfair betting website

These sites have the Kenyan Government authorization, so you can bet in them with total peace of mind.
In addition, you can find excellent betting bonuses on their sites. You can place your wagers taking advantage of these bonuses and free bets. To do this, you only have to look for the best football betting tips on recognized sites like Betarena.com.


Online betting can be safe as long as you do it on reliable betting sites. In that regard, you must know there’re many unlicensed sites with suspicious intentions. They’re seeking to get money from punters like you.
For all the above, the Odibet online betting site does not look like a safe place for betting in Kenya. In fact, there are much more reliable and better-service bookmakers’ options. You can try with outstanding betting sites such as Bet365, 22bet, Betboro, and Betfair.
Bet safe online in Kenya and think better before giving your money to a betting site like Odibets.

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