Northern Ireland vs Germany Betting Tip and Prediction

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Northern Ireland vs Germany Betting Tip and Prediction
Northern Ireland vs Germany Betting Tip and Prediction

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Northern Ireland vs Germany for the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifiers match on Monday at Windsor Park Stadium.

We will have a match with a great favourite presented in the prediction for Northern Ireland vs Germany. The game is scheduled for this Monday for the Euro 2020 qualifying, in Northern Ireland. The German team, which comes from defeat, has the responsibility of adding up the 3 points.

Thus, Northern Ireland will take the pitch before their fans without the obligation of victory. This will confront a much higher team that will dictate the pace of the game. In fact, Germany knows that they cannot lose points in the group, as they will probably play the lead with the Netherlands.

However, we have a team that plays at home without responsibility, often this situation can result in some surprise.

Northern Ireland

Despite the Group C lead, Northern Ireland has not yet met Germany and the Netherlands once in the competition, so they played only against weaker teams and did their part. Thus, the team is unbeaten in the race.

However, it is a team of little expression in European football. In fact, a qualification in their group is unlikely, just can’t be said impossible because in football anything is possible. But the team will fight to get a score that shows a disputed game.

Anyway, played well against the other opponents of the group and showed a quality football within its limitations. Undoubtedly is a candidate to get third place in the group at the end of qualifying.


The highlight of Germany’s analysis is their defeat to the Netherlands in their last 4 × 2 home game. Thus, the team needs to regain its prestige and make a good showing. It will probably not be repeating what happened against Estonia where it won 8 × 0 for the competition.

Their game against the Netherlands was balanced, but their home defeat may have jeopardized their chance to finish top of the group. In fact, beating other teams is more than an obligation.

Winning well and playing a consistent game will be the first step to re-establishing themselves. The fact is that the quality of the German team is not only compromised by a defeat, but it is also a consistent team, that is, as any team sometimes has to face failure.


We will probably have a defence vs attack match with Germany setting the pace of the game. On the other hand, Northern Ireland will have to retreat the team and try to score in counterattacks. They will find the strong German defence ahead.

Even if Germany goes out to play all they can, yet their last game was very exhausting, it may make players prefer to guarantee the result and save themselves. If this happens, we may have a match resolved in the first half.

Another sensation that may arise in this prediction is of a game extremely locked with a scenario of a draw. As long as Northern Ireland can take advantage of the team’s wear and tear and make an excellent tactical scheme.

In short, either Germany solves the game in the first half, or we may have the possibility of a surprising draw. Which would mean a “victory” for Northern Ireland.

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