Monarcas vs Cimarrones Betting Tip and Prediction

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Monarcas vs Cimarrones Betting Tip and Prediction
Monarcas vs Cimarrones Betting Tip and Prediction

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Monarcas vs Cimarrones for the Mexican Copa Mx cup match on Wednesday at Morelos Stadium.

This analysis evaluates the second game between the teams in the first phase of the Mexican Cup. However, the Monarcas vs Cimarrones prediction gives an overview of the two teams that are fluctuating a lot in their performances.

The game takes place this Wednesday at the Morelos Stadium, home of Monarcas.


The Monarcas team has been acting inconsistently in their matches. We saw that in their last 10 games where they had 5 wins, 4 losses and 1 draw.

However, the team played well in their last 3 matches. In the previous game against Veracruz, they won 1 × 0 with a goal after 72 minutes. Interesting that the team came to dominate the game after being ahead of the marker.

The last match tested the patience of the team’s attack. In fact, Veracruz set out to play a defensive game throughout the game.


The Cimarrones team had a tiring game last Saturday against the Loros side. In fact, the conditions of the pitch required a more considerable effort from the team to get a draw.

In this case, the physical requirement of the last match may have worn the team to Wednesday’s game.

The team has won just 3 games from their last 10. Also, in those 10 games, they have scored more than 1 goal on only two occasions.

Thus, it is a team with limited attacking power that will play away from home.


For this match, we have two unstable teams that have not yet shown good football this year. However, the Monarcas team showed consistency in their last game.

However, both teams come from tough matches, so we can expect a slow game and thus few goals.

Therefore, the expectation is a game with few goals, especially in the second half of the match.

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