Manchester United vs Liverpool Betting Tip and Prediction

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Manchester United vs Liverpool Betting Tip and Prediction
Manchester United vs Liverpool Betting Tip and Prediction

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Manchester United vs Liverpool for the English Premier League championship match on Sunday at Old Trafford Stadium.

We have predicted Manchester United vs Liverpool for a match in the 9th round of the Premier League. The teams meet Sunday, 10/20/2019.

At the end of our post we give the free betting tip we have prepared for this match.

Manchester United

The Manchester United team has a total of 9 points from 8 Premier League games, which gives them the 12th position in the table.

Thus, the team didn’t have an excellent start to the championship and seemed to come with a weaker squad than last season.

Thus, they were defeated 1-0 in their last match when they faced Newcastle away from home.

However, more was expected from the team in the game. Still, it had few shots and had no creativity in the attack. Their defence faltered and led the goal of defeat. Yet, the team had a squad to play better.

Also, it comes from an unfortunate sequence of 5 games without wins.

This is certainly not a good phase for the team, but it has the quality to recover and fight for better positions in the English Championship.


Liverpool, meanwhile, come from a home win against Leicester 2-1.

The team was quite superior in the match and got several chances to score. However, the ball did not enter. Thus, they got the victory just after 5 minutes of the second half with a goal from Milner hitting a penalty. What suffered triumph!

The team comes in the best possible way, has 100% success in the championship. Thus, there are 8 games and 8 wins.

We have the Liverpool team occupying the 1st position of the Premier League with a total of 24 points.

So, the team goes to fight for the championship title with a great initial advantage, already have 8 points advantage for second-placed Manchester City.


We have on the pitch a classic English football match with favouritism for the visiting team.

So Liverpool comes as the team to beat the league in an incredible campaign and have a severe attack to stop.

We hope that the goals will be moderate in the match, as neither team has a tendency to score.

We have excellent odds to bet on a Liverpool win, in which case our free betting tip relies on the superiority and best form of the team against Manchester United.

Below is our bet suggestion for you.

Check the Suggested Bet

1 X 2 FT - Bet: Liverpool - Odds: 1.65

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