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Liverpool vs Racing betting tip 2023 – Picks and Predictions for the Primera Division match on November 19th, 2023

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Primera Division Uruguay

A football match between Liverpool and Racing of the Primera Division will take place in Uruguay on Sunday, November 19th, 2023, check the Liverpool vs Racing betting tip 2023 to win with your bets.

Stadium and City where Liverpool vs Racing will occur

The game will be played in the small Estadio Belvedere stadium, in the city of Montevideo, with a capacity for 8500 spectators, that will try to help the team achieve a positive result.

Where to follow the live game

At Betarena, you can follow the match live with access to all the information to help with your sports betting, including statistics, events, and odds.

Introduction to the Liverpool vs Racing betting tip 2023

In the current edition of the Primera Division, we can see a growth in the average goals. While last season the tournament had an average of 2.18 goals per match, now the competition has an average of 2.34 goals per match.

When these teams last met at Primera Division, Liverpool was 2nd place while Racing was in 5th place. Liverpool deployed in a 5-3-2 formation while Racing set up a 4-2-3-1 alignment.

The last time these teams met was for a Primera Division match, on 02-06-2023, referring to the 2023 season, which ended with a victory of the Liverpool team by 3-2.

Liverpool come from a draw in the last match. The game against Plaza Colonia, valid for the Primera Division, ended with a 0-0. The team coached by J. Bava entered the field in the last match with a 4-3-3 formation.

The visiting team arrives at this match after a victory in the last round. In a dispute valid for Primera Division, Racing, who used a 4-1-4-1 formation, faced the Torque team with a final score of 1-0.


Current leaderboard

Liverpool comes to this round 10 of this local league Clausura tournament holding the 1 position in the table, with 23 points collected. Previously, in the Apertura phase, the team finished the qualification round occupying the 5 place.

Liverpool analysis

Liverpool after 10 rounds shows a very good goal quotient: in fact, it has scored 24 goals and conceded only 19 to opponents.

Liverpool has one of the most efficient attacks in this league, and proof of this is in the comparison between the team’s average goals and the competition overall. While all the teams in the competition together average 1.28 goals per game at home, Liverpool scores 2.14 goals, on average, per game. A clear consequence of the offensiveness of the team.

The average shooting on goal for the Liverpool team in the league is not the best. There are only 4.07 per game. This turns out to be another good indication that the team does not usually score many goals or give much work to the opposing goalkeepers.

Taking the fight or in this case, the game to your opponent’s prove unwise for this team, having won 1 game as the visiting team, compared to their record of 5 wins, 1 loss, and 1 draw playing in their home base.

Liverpool is a more offensive team than Racing, having 1618 attacks vs. 1461 from Racing, having scored 24 times, in comparison, Racing converted into goal 13 times.

Best goalscorer from Liverpool

Until this stage of the season, in terms of individual exhibitions, the highlight is Rubén Bentancourt. The Attacker has scored 10 times in this competition and helped Liverpool avoiding adverse outcomes on several occasions.


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Racing comes to this round 10 of this local league Clausura tournament holding the 5 position in the table, with 15 points collected. Previously, in the Apertura phase, the team finished the qualification round occupying the 14 place.

Racing analysis

Racing, after 10 rounds, has conceded more goals than it has scored. The goals scored are in fact 13 while 17 are those conceded to opponents.

Racing has shown that they are a patient team, with a high average first goal scored minutes this season. Their ability to control the game and wait for their opportunities is reflected in their low number of goals conceded. This suggests that the team is tactically disciplined and organized, waiting for the right moment to strike. If Racing can continue to maintain this level of patience and discipline, it will serve them well in future matches.

Best goalscorer from the Racing

In the individual highlights of the team in the offensive sector, the focus falls on Luis Gorocito Resende so far in the competition. With 7 goals with his signature, the Attacker has helped his team Racing to achieve victorious results this season.

Bet suggestions for this game:

Score market betting suggestions

Most goals occur during 75-90 minutes of the game, making this a good bet for those watching the live game.

Corners market betting suggestions

There is an average of 4.54 corners per game, making this a good thing to note if one wishes to obtain good results in sports betting.

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Liverpool vs Racing betting tip 2023: FAQ

When does the match between Liverpool vs Racing take place?

The match will be played on November 19th, 2023, Sunday.

In which stadium and city does Liverpool vs Racing play?

The match will take place at the Estadio Belvedere stadium in Montevideo.

What was the previous result between the teams?

The last time these teams faced each other was in Primera Division match, referring to the 2023 season, and ended with a 3-2 result for Liverpool.

What is the best bet for goals?

For this match, the probability indicates that the net is more likely to swing between 75-90 minutes.

Which bookmaker has the best odds for this game?

The bookmaker with the best odds for this match is Bet365.

What should I consider when analyzing football matches for betting purposes?

When analyzing football matches, it’s important to consider a variety of factors such as team form, injuries and suspensions, head-to-head records, home and away form, and tactical matchups. You can find all this information and more on Betarena. You should also take into account any external factors such as weather conditions, the importance of the match, and team motivation.

Can I use statistics to help me make better betting decisions for football matches?

Yes, statistics can be a useful tool when analyzing football matches for betting purposes. At Betarena, we provide access to a wealth of statistical information such as team and player form, goals scored and conceded, possession percentage, shots on target, and corner kicks. However, it’s important to not rely solely on statistics and to also consider the subjective factors mentioned earlier.

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