Liverpool FC vs Caracas Betting Tip and Prediction

Liverpool FC vs Caracas Betting Tip and Prediction
Liverpool FC vs Caracas Betting Tip and Prediction

Liverpool FC vs Caracas, first leg match for Thursday Copa Sudamericana playoffs.


The Uruguayan team surprised the Bahian tricolor by scoring 1-0 in Salvador in their away match of the first leg for the South American Cup.

Then, they only had to manage the advantage in the Montevideo match with a final score of 0-0, guarantying their survival in the competition. A feat for a club with very limited economic resources.

On Saturday, May 18, as a visitor, Liverpool scored 2 to 1 at the Plaza Colonia in a match for the thirteenth round of the Uruguayan Championship reaching a total of 18 points.

They rank ninth on the leaderboard among the 16 elite division contenders.

As the home team, their performance is slightly lower. In the ranking of the competition that only takes into account the results that the teams obtain in their stadiums, Liverpool is placed in the tenth position.

Out of the 21 points that were disputed while playing at home, they harvested 11.


Caracas started the season fighting for a place in the group stage of the Copa Libertadores. Failed.

They were finished in the qualifiers against Melgar, from Peru, but managed to “inherit” a place in the South American Cup.

Since it would take ten teams to complete the group of teams in this second phase, the two best among those who were out in the qualifiers completed the group with the eight third-placed teams from the group stage.

Their last match before the debut in the tournament was encouraging. On Saturday, May 18, at home, Caracas thrashed Llaneros in a confrontation for the nineteenth – last – round of the qualifying round of the Opening Tournament of the Futve League, the Venezuelan Championship.

They gathered 35 points, reaching second in the league. Caracas will play Zulia in the playoffs.

As a home team, however, they perform poorly. They are the fourth best team playing at home. Out of the 30 points that were played for in the condition of home team, they gained 21.

Caracas are going through a good moment having established an unbeaten sequence of four matches.

The home factor balances things for Liverpool and makes the prediction of a draw for the first leg of the second round of the South American Cup to be the best betting option.

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