Leicester vs Newcastle Betting Tip and Prediction

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Leicester vs Newcastle Betting Tip and Prediction
Leicester vs Newcastle Betting Tip and Prediction

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Leicester vs Newcastle for the English Premier League championship match on Sunday at King Power Stadium.

We are preparing the prediction Leicester vs Newcastle for another match of the 7th round of the Premier League. The game takes place this Sunday, 09/29/2019. Here you also get a free tip for your sports betting.


The Leicester team comes into play from a past season where they won 9th place in the Premier League. A good result for such a fierce competition.

In this edition has played well and starts the round in 3rd place. Thus, there are three wins, two draws and one loss, totalling 11 points.

For the championship, it comes from an excellent win at home against the strong Tottenham team. Also, the team went behind in the score and had to play hard to get the turn.

Thus, it was the team that shot the most and kept control of the game in the second half, giving little space to the opponent.


The Newcastle team comes once again to fight for a place in the middle of the table. Since it hasn’t a strong enough team to play for the English championship title. However, it should not be at the bottom of the table.

Their attack has shown significant limitations, scoring only four goals in 6 games. The team is struggling to create midfield plays and thus has to insist on sides.

The problem is that their tactical scheme has not been effective. The game with three defenders until now it has been efficient.

But when playing with just one advanced player, they cannot shoot with quality and makes their movements very obvious to the opponent.


Both teams enter the pitch with favouritism weighing in on Leicester’s side. The team has the best team and comes in good shape.

As a result, Newcastle is already playing defensively, even when they could play more advanced. However, it shows tactical limitations to do this.

Probably Leicester will play forward as the opponent bets on their defence to try to hold the game.

So, on our guess, we believe in the superiority of the home team. However, it will not be an easy game to beat.

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1 X 2 FT - Bet: Leicester - Odds: 1.51

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