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Pronóstico Colônia vs Dusseldorf
Pronóstico Colônia vs Dusseldorf

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Köln vs Hoffenheim for the German Bundesliga championship match on Friday at RheinEnergie Stadium.

Here you follow the Köln vs Hoffenheim prediction. The match is scheduled for Friday, 08/11/2019, and is valid for the 11th round of the Bundesliga.

Also, here you get the free betting tip for this game at the end of the post.


Köln’s team has a total of 7 points in 10 Bundesliga matches, which gives them the 17th position in the table.

Thus, having managed to move up to the top flight this season, the team seems to have found it challenging to play at the championship level.

In its last match, the Köln team lost to Dusseldorf by 2 to 0 playing away from home.

The teams played a poor game with few chances, however, Köln failed to defend and allowed the opponent to reach the goals.

The team shape is terrible. In its 10 Bundesliga games, they have won just 2, tied 1 and lost 7.


Hoffenheim faced Paderborn in its last match and won 3-0 at home.

So, did its homework by beating the championship red lantern. It reached the goals after 26 minutes and then managed the game.

The team entered an excellent phase, so it already accumulates 5 wins in a row.

In the 10 Bundesliga games they have played so far, the Hoffenheim team has scored 17 points and thus occupies the 9th position in the table.

The performance is within what was predicted for the team in the season. In other words, good football has been presented, and the club should stay in the top half of the table.


In the prediction Köln vs Hoffenheim, we have certain favoritism for the away team, even if we have a more balanced match.

From what Köln’s defense has presented so far, we believe that Hoffenheim’s attack will have many chances to score.

That is, we have the possibility that many goals will happen.

For the game line, we do not believe that the home factor could significantly influence the outcome. So we believe more in the quality of Hoffenheim football.

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