Kazakhstan vs San Marino Betting Tip and Prediction

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Kazakhstan vs San Marino Betting Tip and Prediction
Kazakhstan vs San Marino Betting Tip and Prediction

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Kazakhstan vs San Marino, Tuesday’s game for the qualifying round, Group I, for the EURO 2020 Qualifiers at the Astana Arena, in Nur-Sultan.

Kazakhstan and San Marino play another round of the group stage in a game between two teams of the weakest of the group but still have much difference between the two with this Kazakhstan to be much superior to this modest team of San Marino who has yet to score one goal.


Kazakhstan come to this game after a 3-0 defeat in the Belgian soil and receives today San Marino in a game where they have everything to win convincingly and thus take three more important points.

This team from Kazakhstan is a team that is usually stronger when they play at home having won 3 of the last 5 games with victories over Andorra 4-0 and against Scotland 3-0, two victories against teams that are higher than this San Marino, mainly the one of Scotland.

This is a mandatory victory for Kazakhstan and their fans should expect a heavy victory against a team from San Marino that is very weak so I believe they will try everything to achieve it.

San Marino

There is not much to say about this San Marino team that once again should not win any points in any game in this qualification and will hardly score any goal either. Today San Marino has a weaker team than Russia but is still very complicated especially when they play in their stadium.

This selection of San Marino arrives from a heavy defeat in Russia by 9-0 entering thus still low-key after a defeat as heavy as this.

Away from home there is no doubt that is where San Marino is weaker having in the last 5 games lost all five with zero goals scored and an impressive 24 suffered.


Today everything points to another heavy defeat of San Marino in the field of Kazakhstan, who play at home as very strong and should try to have here a strong victory to motivate everything and everyone and keep up the fight for a possible second place that will certainly be complicated.

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