Hungary vs Slovakia Betting Tip and Prediction

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Hungary vs Slovakia Betting Tip and Prediction
Hungary vs Slovakia Betting Tip and Prediction

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Hungary vs Slovakia for the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifiers match on Monday at Groupama Arena Stadium.

We predict Hungary vs Slovakia will display a balanced game. The match takes place on Monday at the Hungarian home for the Euro 2020 qualifying round.

The two teams compete for two vacancies in a reasonably balanced group. Thus, it can be said that both sides have a chance of classification. However, they will have to play above-average football to achieve this.

The two teams met in March, in this case, the victory for Slovakia by 2 × 0. This fact gave the team hope to fight for the qualification, although it is not a favourite in the group.


The Hungarian team are in the first place of the group after 4 games. Adding 9 points, 3 wins and 1 draw. The team plays well at home, having won the last 5 clashes. This can be a determining factor for the team in balanced games.

In their last match, they lost to Montenegro by 2 × 1. In this case, both teams deserved the win, meaning a draw would have been the fairest result. However, a penalty in the second half guaranteed the turn to the home team. Still, this was not a match for the competition, just a friendly one.

Against Wales, their last match in the competition won the game by 1 × 0 playing at home. We also had a balanced game. The Hungarian defence did not show much consistency in allowing some shots on goal from the opposing team.


Slovakia’s team does not perform well away from home. In the last 10 matches, they have achieved just two wins, 7 losses and a draw. The group, however, shows some consistency even in defeats. Thus, all of them were for the minimum difference of one goal.

However, in the competition, the team adds 6 points in 4 games. In this case, they lost to Croatia and Wales and beat Hungary and Azerbaijan, the latter being beaten by 5 × 1. The team scored 7 goals and took 6.

In fact, Slovakia will have to win away from home and secure the points as a home team if they want to have a chance to fight for one of the group places. That is, a defeat on Monday may distance their goal.


Both teams enter a game without a clear favourite, so we will have a balanced match that can be resolved in the details. Both sides have a good track record in their defences and will endeavour not to suffer goals, which can hinder their attack.

The tendency, however, is for Hungary to enforce the home factor and create more attacking opportunities. Possession of the ball must also be balanced, though, the advantage will be that of the team that can stay ahead on the pitch.

As said, Hungary plays well at home and Slovakia have difficulty playing away from their home crowd. Thus the bet on the victory of Hungary is with reasonable quotes. So that would be an exciting bet for the match.

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HA: Hungary +0.5 - Odds: 1.4

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