How to register in the Betarena fantasy sports betting contests

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Check out the type of contests present at this time in Betarena and how to register in the Betarena fantasy sports betting contests and start winning!

Types of contests in Betarena:

1. Contests where you can win gift cards:

AMAZON Contest
AMAZON Contest

2. Contests where you can win money:

Tipster Points Contest
Tipster Points Contest

How to register in the Gift Cards contests:

1. First register in the online store where you will received the Gift Card.

In the Amazon Contest register here.

2. Now insert the username in Betarena as described above.

Money contest rules:

Every justified betting tip are rewarded with points that are converted in money.

50 points = 15 euros

How the points work:

Betting tips submitted 24 hours prior to the event = 2 points

Betting tips submitted 6 hours prior to the event = 1 point


The betting tips must be submitted 6 hours before the starting of the events.

6 points maximum per day.

The points are awarded depending on the quality of the betting tip. If the minimum requirements are not satisfied the betting tip will not get any points.

Minimum requirements to receive points:

  • At least a justification with 300 words;
  • The justified betting tip must be written in correct English;
  • Approach the game and the teams involved;
  • Justify the bet;
  • Plagiarism from another website will lead to the removal of all points awarded to the tipster;


The payments are made through Skrill except when there is no possibility to use this payment gateway. When it happens it would be evaluated case by case.

All points are updated here.

Check also how to:

How to join the Betarena fantasy sports betting contests and start winning

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