How many wins does a team need to go to the MLB playoffs?

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MLB Playoffs
MLB Playoffs

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Do you know how many wins does a team needs to qualify for the MLB playoffs? Based on this, we prepared a list with all the teams that got the Second Wild Card place and went to the playoffs in the last eight seasons, excluding the previous year, the had just 60 games.

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Oakland Raiders had 97 wins in 162 matches from the American League to go to the Wild Card in 2018. This was the highest number that the worst team to the Wild Card got in the past few years. So we can say that a team with 97 wins never got away from the playoffs in the last eight seasons.

On the other hand, in 2017, Minnesota Twins got fewer wins, with 85. But if we take the average of this period, the franchisees need around 90 wins to think about the playoffs.

At this season, Tampa Bay Rays already have 78 wins, and if we consider these stats, they need just more than 19 wins. But how they had the highest number of wins, if we exclude the AL Division Leaders, the Boston Red Sox would be the worst team. They have 71 wins.

Take a look at the numbers below about the American League:

  • 2019 – 96 Tampa Bay
  • 2018 – 97 Oakland
  • 2017 – 85 Minnesota
  • 2016 – 89 Toronto
  • 2015 – 86 Houston
  • 2014 – 88 Oakland
  • 2013 – 92 Tampa
  • 2012 – 93 Texas

From the National League, in 2015, the Chicago Cubs had the same 97 wins to go to the MLB playoffs, and it is the best team that got the last Wild Card place in the past eight seasons. It is the same number as the AL.

In 2016 and 2017, the less number was when San Francisco Giants and Colorado Rapids, respectively, got 87 wins. In these last eight seasons, the 15 teams needed around 89 victories to try at least the Wild Card.

This year, the Giants already has 80 wins and is the closest one to get the magic number to take the Wild Card. But how they are running for the Division Lead, Cincinnati would get the last spot if the season ended today, with 69 wins. See the list below:

National League

  • 2019 – 89 Milwaukee
  • 2018 – 91 Colorado
  • 2017 – 87 Colorado
  • 2016 – 87 San Francisco
  • 2015 – 97 Cubs
  • 2014 – 88 San Francisco
  • 2013 – 90 Cincinnati
  • 2012 – 88 St. Louis

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