HB Torshavn vs Linfield Betting Tip and Prediction

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HB Torshavn vs Linfield Betting Tip and Prediction
HB Torshavn vs Linfield Betting Tip and Prediction

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HB Torshavn vs Linfield for the Europa League qualification match on Tuesday at Gundadalur Stadium.

HB Torshavn

HB Torshavn had Finland’s HJK on their way to the Champions League. They needed to change tactics and avoid to be beaten, but at the home of the rival, they lost by 3 to 0. In the second leg, they managed a draw, 2 to 2, which wasn’t enough to reverse the situation.

In the battle against the Finns, the club had the advantage of not having scheduled games in their national league, which was on vacation break. Now they will no longer have that possibility. They will return to the fight in the Premier League, the First Division of the Faroe Islands Championship, facing TB Tvovroyri on July 27, amid the two clashes for the Europa League.

With 30 points, HB Torshavn is in fifth place on the leaderboard, outside the zone leading to international tournaments. This squad is closed by Klaksvik, who has two more points.


Linfield was no match for Rosenborg of Norway in the second qualifying round of the Champions League. They were not even able to swing the net and were beaten in both clashes. In the first, at home, lost 2-0. In the second, was thrashed by 4 to 0.

It was their first two official games of the season. The Northern Ireland Championship will start only in August. Their debut is scheduled for 10th, at home, against the Institute. Thus, the team has resorted to friendly matches to do their preparation. On Saturday, July 20, they faced Dundela, also from Northern Ireland. Won by 2 to 1.

It was the fourth friendly of the season. Before, they had been defeated by Dinamo Bucharest (2 to 0), of Romania; Motherwell (3 to 0), from Scotland; and St. Johnstone (4-2), also from Scotland.

The teams did not show many technical skills in their games in the Champions League. Thus, the prediction in a draw for Tuesday’s meeting between HB Torshavn and Linfield ends up being a good guess for the match for the first leg of the third qualifying round for the 2019/2020 Europa League.

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