Goias vs Luverdense Betting Tip and Prediction

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Goias vs Luverdense Betting Tip and Prediction
Goias vs Luverdense Betting Tip and Prediction

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Goias vs Luverdense for the Brazilian Copa Verde tournament match on Wednesday at Serrinha Stadium.

In a decisive game on Wednesday, we have the Goias vs Luverdense prediction for the fourth round of the Copa Verde.

In the match, despite being between two teams of different technical level, Luverdense has the advantage built in the first game, because they won the first match by 2 × 1.

Thus, Goiás tries to reverse the disadvantage to continue in the competition. Also, the team enters the pitch with the obligation of the victory.


In fact, in the last match against Luverdense for the Copa Verde, Goiás entered the pitch with a different attitude from what should be presented by a team of the national first division.

Although it played with players who have not been in the first team and under-23 athletes, the team still had a much higher technical level than the opponent. The board was very disappointed with the team’s performance so expect a different stance in the return game.


Luverdense celebrated the victory of the last match. Because the team will play the fourth division of the national championship since it was relegated this year in the Brazilian Championship Series C.

A good participation in the Copa Verde can save the team season.

The team is far from good football. But played with confidence to get the upper hand against a higher-level squad.

For the return game indeed, the team will come to play defensively, thus trying to hold the favourable result. It remains to be seen if their defence will be able to stop the attack of the opposing team, as it does not have a high-quality squad.


We know that we will have a disputed game and probably a defence against attack at least in the first minutes of the game. Thus, Goiás will enter the pitch to try to reverse the score as soon as possible, while Luverdense remains to play defensive until it can neutralize the game.

It is expected that Goiás will change its game proposal in this match and not play apathetically as in the last one. Therefore we will also have the possibility of counterattacks, and so we can have a game with a good number of goals.

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